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Chanty Review: Reliable Team Messenger App For All Online Businesses

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Reviewing Topics at a Glance:

-> Chanty review – Detailed introduction

-> Why to choose it ?

-> Features that made Chanty unique

-> How It Helps You To Stay Organized ?

-> Conclusion: Should we try it ?

chanty review: best messenger app


It is time to communicate real-time. Any delay can cost your business unaccountable losses. The rising trend is to remain online and communicate using easy to use interfaces. There is a growing need for businesses to find a communication tool that is customized according to their needs.

In today’s cut-throat business world, a simple, easy to integrate, secure and more affordable messaging app is the need of the hour. You could boost your team’s productivity using their service, the new messenger app for businesses who don’t believe in wasting time.

Yes, today I would like to introduce a most sufficient, robust messenger app to you.

I tried their services for the last couple of weeks and here what I knew about them and experienced from them.

What Is Chanty All About ? – Best In Class “Slack Alternative Messenger App” for Any Business !!!

Chanty is a team messaging app that can bring about a positive change in the way your organization communicates. It helps colleagues collaborate and improve the work culture. Businesses and organizations now are no longer constrained within the physical setup of their building. They have expanded across the globe and require speedy, easy, efficient team messenger app to communicate.

Chanty team messenger is for everyone. It is a simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered messenger that can help improve your organization’s productivity. It is faster than most apps and more affordable.

Why Choose Chanty ? – It’s Simplicity !!!

chanty dashboard review


You will find there are innumerable team messengers in the market. According to me, what made Chanty stand out from the crowd is its ability to provide unlimited message history. As the details will be pointed out, you will find it is faster and more affordable alternative to most of the business messenger apps in the market.

  • Productivity at its best: When you use Chanty, you will find it will help reduce the time spent on communication using emails, meetings, as well as collaboration among team members, is reduced greatly.
  • Simple to use and understand: It is not complicated and does not take days or weeks for users to get used to its features. It is a simple and easy to use the app with a clear-cut user interface. It serves its purpose as a business messenger app aptly.
  • No limits on chat history: No longer can one lose track of conversations and even reach the oldest of the oldest chats in one go. It offers unlimited chat history at no extra or hidden costs. Once it’s in Chanty, it will remain so forever.
  • A support team always ready to help: Any question or trouble with the app, you can always reach out to the 24/7 support team at Chanty. They will be ready to help and troubleshoot all your problems until you are completely satisfied and have a continued enjoyable experience with it.

Features That Make Chanty Different

A team messenger app should be able to be a game changer for everyone. One should be able to collaborate with multiple teams who are from the same or even different organizations. Discussing projects, ideas, news, updates, etc. should reach every member instantly at the same time. In order to stay abreast with the latest, Chanty is the best app to reach out too.

Some of the features that make this beautiful app for your business includes:

Powering using Artificial Intelligence

Seamless communication on Chanty is possible due to the AI-powered messages. Their team messenger is powered by artificial intelligence. Using the machine learning experience, it makes it very easy to predict the responses. Tapping on the right response promptly helps messages sent without wasting any second typing out words.

Integration with other business tools

You can integrate your favorite services with Chanty and use it to connect data from different sources under one app. Whether it is Google drive or Twitter, you will get notifications, latest updates and more on your team messenger chat room.

Make audio and video calls

This platform helps you make private calls between team members in different regions in different time zones. A team member is just a tap away using high-quality audio and video calls on their platform.

Structuring routine

Chanty is a powerful tool to help one find solutions, complete pressing tasks as well as take smart decisions without wasting time. You can get instant prompts from your team members, and take polls on different issues using them. Thus, improving your workflow and get instant approvals from the supervisor. Thus, helping companies coordinate and synchronize tasks that increase productivity, responsiveness, responsibility as well as profitability.

Chanty VT

Chanty VT is a powerful tool that helps provide an instant text version of voice messages. Thus, you no longer waste time trying to listen to each and every voice message sent. It automatically converts the voice message into text messages that remain in the chat history forever.

Chanty Review: How It Helps You To Stay Organized

  • An organized team works better and remains productive. Chanty is a form of organized communication that remains an open channel for all team members to access. All can give in their opinion and discuss issues without anyone remaining left out. Where they are, all team members remain in the loop related to all the happenings within the team. In case one needs to send a private message, they can use the direct message feature and speak to the person concerned.
  • It allows one to share images, PDF files, spreadsheets as well as multiple files easily. Thus, it’s there on the chat and no need to ask each member individually for the files as and when needed during work.
  • One can also search for anything under the sun related to the organization or team project on Chanty. Whether is a work file, message, notification, etc. it is all easy to search.
  • Chats on Chanty aren’t boring. One could add emoji, animated gifs or bots to their chats and express themselves better during a discussion. It even lightens up the mood at times and helps one reach out to the team members better.
  • Each and every chat remains private to each team. There is no way to eavesdrop on discussions and only team members can access the chats.

Conclusion: Should You Try Here ?

Yes, of course, you can, I advise you should definitely try them for at least once. They not only save your time but also make a good bonding with your teammates through a loving messenger app. Thus, Chanty is the go-to app for businesses who believe in nurturing a healthy work environment as well as fostering a collaborative workforce.

Thank you for reading my complete Chanty review and I hope you enjoyed reading about them.

Stuck with any doubt about them ?

Ask me here. Leave a comment, I assure my assistance.

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