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33+ Ways To Monetize Your Blog To Earn Money Online [INFOGRAPHICS]

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-> How To Monetize your Blog/Websites To Earn Money Online[INFOGRAPHICS] ?

-> Points To Remember Before Monetizing Your Blog/Website

-> Other Ways Of Monetization That You Must Know[BONUS]

Still searching for better ways to monetize your blog/website ? Hmm…then your search can put to an end here.

Here are the most convenient business strategies to MONETIZE which suits for beginner as well as professional bloggers. But before going into it let us discuss some of the important factors to consider while doing monetization so that for those who doesn’t aware of this may helpful too.

Points To Remember Before Monetization[NEWBIE GUIDE]

  • Please avoid over monetization of ads since it can make your blog looks ugly and spammy to your readers.
  • Penalty may occur from search engines if you do so.
  • Monetization techniques like Ads are a conversion killer.
  • Don’t expect huge income after you monetize with any ad services like AdSense or Chitika.
  • Ads can risk your reputation.


33+ ways to monetize your blog to earn money online[infographics]


**BONUS – Earn Money Online With SafeLinkConverter

Have you ever heard of a site called SafeLinkConverter ? If not let me explain it shortly. This is a site where you can shrink and earn. Yes, a site which is similar to Shorte.st(read review) and Bitly(read review) in which from both you can earn by shortening the links. However Bitly you can’t simply earn money just by shortening links apart from their affiliate program but I mentioned here because it is highly recommended service by other giant companies like Twitter.

Ok, let us come to the point. Safelinkconverter comes with a small change. Using their service you can shrink links and monetize it with your AdSense account. Interesting ahh ?. So wherever you place the links also you can monetize it with Google ads. For instance, you can use the shrunk links in your own blog, while tweeting on Twitter, etc…

Thanks for reading the article.

Note: If you know any other genuine monetization technique then I request to share as a comment below. So that everyone can learn and make income online.

Hope you enjoyed the infographic study on how to monetize your blog using different proven techniques in order to earn money online.

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  1. I totally agree and I put it down to being overwhelmed with information that is available in this space. For example you do a search on google and you get so many different perspectives.
    I believe I have now cracked the code and only if I did it before.
    I read a life changing book and actually the book is still available for free.
    It is DOT COM Secrets by Russell Brunson. Absolute game changer and I advise everyone at the start of 2017 to get this book and stick with one system before moving onto another one.

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