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eAskme Affiliate Review: Is It The Best Affiliate Program To Make Money ?

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Reviewing Topics at a Glance:

->eAskme Affiliate program review – what it is all about ?

->Is It open for all ?

->How does it work ?

->How to join the eAskme affiliate program ?

->Pros & Cons

->Conclusion: Should we try it ?

Are you making $200 every month from blogging ? If not, then what are you doing extra to achieve that target ? Do you really want to make more money by blogging ?

When it comes to make money online every newbie blogger runs to Google Adsense. But we all know that more than 80% bloggers failed to even make $10 every month from blogging using Google Adsense only.

If you also fall under the category of these 80% bloggers then how can you make more money ? I have a simple answer for you try Google Adsense alternatives and the best alternative that I have found is Affiliate marketing.

Today I am going to share about one of the best and publisher friendly affiliate program which is none other than eAskme affiliate program. If you are not aware of that, read this review carefully and learn how you are gonna make money with eAskme affiliate network.

Note: Please do read my FAQs page for better understandings about what an affiliate program is if you are a newbie here.


Before you enroll into their affiliate program you should know what it does and what products are they promoting.

The eAskme is yet another a marketing blog which daily publishes blogs about how to kick start a new business online and how to make money from it. Moreover, it is a community for bloggers and here all members are referred as “eAsker”. On the other hand, it also covers all aspects of Internet marketing such as infographics, Social media, Widgets, and much more.

What is eAskme Affiliate Program ?

eAskme is one of the most popular blogs which is running it’s own affiliate program for bloggers. Their affiliate program is one of the best and unique affiliate program in it’s kind.

In eAskme affiliate program, their team allows you to choose the products or services you want to promote. You can promote those products or services by writing blog posts or running direct ads on your blog. When a sale happens you will get a handsome amount as commission.

Is eAskme Affiliate Program Open For All ?

eAskme affiliate program is open for all means anyone can join it. No matter you are a blogger or not. Their team allows every single user who wants to make money online to join their affiliate program and boost their passive income.

How to Join eAskme Affiliate Program ?

You can join or get accepted into eAskme affiliate network real easily. by just following these simple steps.

  1. Go to eAskme Affiliate program page.
  2. Like them on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter.
  3. You will see an affiliate registration form
  4. Fill the details such as Full name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email Id, Phone Number, Address, Reason why you want to join easkme affiliate program, any prior experience and your Facebook or twitter id.
  5. Click on Submit

Within next 5 working Days, you will receive an email from eAskme team telling if they have accepted you in their affiliate network or not.

If your details look genuine then you will surely get accepted as an affiliate.

Once you get accepted, they will send you an email with the list of products and services they are offering. You can choose the products and services you want to promote and start making money as an affiliate marketer.

Pros & Cons: From My View Of Point

Before winding up this post I would like to bring out few highlights so that you can catch up easily more about this. It’s time to discuss what are the merits and demerits of using it. Let’s start with pros.


  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Even one-day old blogs can join.
  • Manually verified products and services.
  • Even non-bloggers can join
  • Fixed commission
  • Offers reward programs and contests.
  • No minimum threshold balance limit for payment
  • Multiple Payment options: PayPal (international), NEFT and Paytm (For India only)


  • Take 5 working days to get approval,
  • More experience, more sales and result in more money.
  • Manually verified sales

How Much Money Can You Make Here ?

There is absolutely no limit on how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer. The more you promote, the more you sell the more money you can make.

Their program also offers up to 20% commission on affiliate sales which helps you make good money.   You can make anywhere between $1-$1000 every day depending on the product and number of sales you generate.

They also run special offers occasionally for publishers where they give even 30% to 50% commission of each sale.

There are lot many opportunities for a publisher to make money online.

Payment Procedure

The best thing about eAskme affiliate program is that there is no threshold balance limit. Even if you earn $1, you can ask for payment. Currently, they are making payments via PayPal (international), NEFT, Direct Deposit and Paytm (For India only).

You will get paid once in a month. That means you can ask for payment of your monthly earning once in a month. No matter how small or big amount you have earned, you will get paid without any inconvenience.

Conclusion: Should We Join Here ?

The best reason why I recommend eAskme affiliate program for publishers is that they do not have any ego issue. They accept every new or established blogger who wants to work with them. No matter in which country you are, you can promote any of their products and services. There is no doubt that eAskme give great importance to the people with experience but it also let the newbie’s join its network warm heartily.

Also there is no requirement of credit or debit card and their program is absolutely free to join. You should also know that anytime, you can ask them any question regarding money making or affiliate program and you will always get expert advice about how you can boost your online income.

Want to know about other affiliate programs with good credibility ?: Then read the review why you should join Amazon Affiliate program if you run a blog.

Hope you have enjoyed eAskme affiliate program review and understood how you can join this program and make money with it. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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  1. Kristen Lean says:

    Hi Richa,

    It is so good to learn about the more ways to make money online. there is no doubt that affiliate marketing can do wonders when it comes to make money blogging. I really like this easkme affiliate program and hopefully join it very soon.

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    I also wants to make money money blogging. You are right that affiliate programs are a great way to make huge money than just ads. I will surely join this program in Jan 2017. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Richa,

    I am new to affiliate programming and it is so good to learn about marketing and how to make money with it. I have seen few of my friend who are making money with eAskme affiliate marketing program. I think I should try it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pooja Kamboj says:


    Thank you for sharing about how can I start making money with affiliate programs like eAskme. I was not aware much about an easy to pay in-house affiliate program. But after reading your review. I found it quite helpful.

    thanks for sharing.

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