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Is TaskRabbit Legit & A Best Offline Job Opportunity ? – Full Review

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> TaskRabbit review – What is It all about ?

-> Is TaskRabbit Legit Opportunity For All Offline Works ?

-> How It Works ?

->Terms & Conditions ( Mini Must Read Guide)

-> Pros and cons – From my experience

-> Conclusion: Should we try it ?

Are you looking for someone who would carry out a small task for you? Like, go grocery shopping or maybe carry out small home repairs? Then TaskRabbit is the app you need to approach.

It is quite difficult to do carry out different tasks during the day, especially when you have a draining job. Getting someone to do certain tasks for you will definitely be a matter of relief. If you cannot do a certain job due to professional commitments or personal issues such as a failing health, then you can approach people in your area over TaskRabbit to do the task for you.

So, What Is TaskRabbit.com ?- One Of The Best Online Service Provider For All Micro Offline Jobs !!!

TaskRabbit.com is a type of marketplace that pools in people in your neighborhood to carry out tasks for other people. This means if you need some errand to run or want someone for housecleaning jobs, there will be a person who can help for a particular sum of money.

It is quite easy to use this app for service as well as to find jobs in your area. You need to enter your location correctly on TaskRabbit and this will help you get jobs in your area. Once you find a suitable job, you will be paid to complete the task for them.

Their taskers who are ready for completing a task for you will bid their own price. Once you find the perfect tasker for your task, you can select him/her and get your job done for the quoted price.


Many wonders if this is some kind of scam where they won’t get paid to do tasks. Well, this perfectly legit portal finds tasks in your area that pay you on completion. You can work whenever you want, as much as you want and do whatever task suits you well.

is taskrabbit legit

What Type of Tasks Are Posted on TaskRabbit ?

There is no specific outline as to the tasks or jobs posted on there. You could find tasks that require taskers to send out brochures or newsletters to addresses on your business mailing list. You could even post tasks for someone to clean your apartment within an hour or pull out weed in your yard.

There are jobs that even call for runners to fold clothes before they are packed or carry some furniture back to their ex’s apartment. It all depends on the jobs posted by TaskRabbit posters and runners who are willing to help in any way.

Therefore, anyone who needs offline micro jobs can apply here and people who want to hire can also depend here to find best taskers for your needs

How Does TaskRabbit Work ?

You need to select your location and select from the list of chores mentioned on the site. Choose the ones that suits and TaskRabbit will find you Taskers near you instantly.

You can choose to get a same-day appointment or fix a date as per your schedule. TaskRabbit will narrow down Taskers who are ready to do the chore on that particular date and time.

Once you find the right Tasker bidding the right price, you can select, chat and get the correct timings of their arrival for task completion. You can pay the Tasker electronically after completion of the task.

If you want to sign up as a Tasker then you need to Register Online. Fill in the registration form and you will get an invitation link on your registered email for orientation. You can attend the orientation session in your city and then start tasking. But keep in mind, background verification and checks are conducted before taking anyone on board as a Tasker.

Taskers notified of potential jobs nearby. They can select any task as per their wish and then confirm details with the client. After the work is complete, they can submit the invoice and get paid through check or PayPal. Checks may take up to 3-7 business days to reach you and PayPal payments show up within 24hrs.

is taskrabbit legit

Terms & Conditions Before Joining As A Tasker

Note: Only U.S Residents can only apply at present.

Those willing to work as a Tasker for TaskRabbit need to meet certain requirements. This includes:

  • A U.S. Social Security Number for a background check.
  • You need to be at least 21 years of age to perform tasks. There are no exceptions to this rule and need to be followed stringently.
  • You should be able to work in the 18 metro areas of US or London covered by TaskRabbit.
  • You have to provide all the details related to personal information for a background check as well as ID check. TaskRabbit carries out complete a criminal background check on all Taskers for a cost of $20 to the registrant. This amount is charged only when the registration is passed.
  • You need to provide your full legal name, date of birth, address as well as Social Security Number. The background check conducted involves national, global as well as sex offender database.
  • None of your personal information is used for any other reasons and it is stored with help of SSL encryption. You need to provide your banking information for a direct deposit of earnings after registration.
  • You should have an active bank account with any financial institute as well as a checking account. Keep in mind that prepaid debit cards, re-loadable bank cards, as well as savings accounts, are not acceptable in any case.
  • You require a valid credit card as it will be charged with a $5 fee for successful registration. This $5 fee is used to cover the cost of the background check. This money is fully refunded within 30 days after completion of your first task.
  • You need to accurately describe your skills that match over 40+ categories mentioned on the website.
  • You need a smartphone to download Tasker app that helps you manage your tasks. This app is compatible with an iOS 7.0 or later as well as Android 4.0.3 version or later.

TaskRabbit Review: Pros & Cons According To My Findings

I have contacted many taskers and clients to get overall opinions about their services and opportunities. I explored many reviewed sites like Glassdoor to calculate it’s transparency as well. Following are my genuine findings:


  • High efficient and talented taskers for those who planning to hire.
  • Taskers can modify their own work schedule (work anytime) and set their own prices.
  • All payments to tasker are done through online therefore you can ensure that you only pay once a job is completed.
  • Top class mobile apps with awesome user-interface for android as well as IOS users.
  • Accurate online and phone support is available 24/7.


  • They charge a service fee of 20% for all successful tasks from the employee which are comparatively high.
  • Overall management system needs improvement.

Conclusion: Is It The Best Solution For All Offline Micro Jobs ?

YES, TaskRabbit is the perfect solution for getting jobs that help you get by when you are in need of extra cash. Those who need some help with their errands will find this setup very convenient. As they carry out background checks you can rest assured that the taskers are trustworthy.

TaskRabbit helps save you a lot of time by getting someone to do chores for you. And those who are ready to help can earn some decent penny as well as tips.


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4 thoughts on “Is TaskRabbit Legit & A Best Offline Job Opportunity ? – Full Review

  1. Judy says:


    This is my first time hearing about TaskRabbit, but I can see it as a valuable service – not only for people looking for jobs, but also for those who need help with things they cannot do themselves.

    I am glad to read that background and criminal checks are performed, because this is the biggest considerations people would have.

    After reading your review, I feel confident in recommending
    this to others.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Jude

      Pleasure is mine. Hope it helps you.
      Thank you


  2. chase says:

    It is funny I stumbled across this article because my buddy and I wanted to start a small grocery delivery business on the side for some extra cash and it appears TaskRabbit can help with that. We’re still not set on the idea but if we follow through I will be sure to mention this to him as it can drive business to us. Thanks for a good read!

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Well said and much appreciated.

      Thank you.

      All the very best !!!

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