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Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam Or a Legit ? – 2016 Review

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->What Is Traffic Monsoon ?

->Is Traffic Monsoon A scam ?

->How To Make Money Online With It ?

->What You Must Remember When You Become A Member Of It ?

->What Are Its Pros And Cons ?

->Trust Score and Other Ranking Details.

->Conclusion : Should We Join Here ?


Traffic Monsoon is a specialized revenue sharing advertising platform consisting of one of the best PTC(Paid-To-Click) site  and a famous traffic exchange program which is considered to be the largest traffic exchange platform in the world. So if you are asking again whether is traffic monsoon a scam, I can give you a clear shot that no it is not at all a Ponzi site but at the same time we can’t trust such HYIP(click for meaning here) companies on how long will they run.


Many people are calling it as a scam site or some others are asking whether is it possible to trust or does it really pays. Why they are raising those points because the owner of this site was known for running some other sites which do not pay to its members after sometimes. But later he proved that payment gateways blocked the money which has to be delivered to its member that made failed to give.

I really not supporting this either but I already tried this and I got paid for it several times. That is the reason why I just thought of reviewing about this on my blog. Let us now read about its owner and what is his new aim of  the company.

This program was proudly introduced by its owner Charles Scoville who is also an owner of AdHitProfits(AHP) which is still paying for its users in the online market for the past 2 years without any problems. The main aim of this company is to help people who want to make money online which allow international participation of individuals and groups.

There are two types of memberships are available in TM and they are:


Note: For both membership packages it is mandatory to watch at least 10 ads daily and it allows you to surf on a 2:1 ratio for free members and on a 1:1 ratio for active members. This surf ratio is nothing but you will earn credits while watching ads, so that later you can redeem those credits for sharing your affiliate links or to advertise your websites TM for free.



There are many ways you can make money through Traffic monsoon and the most efficient ways are as follows:

  • Cashlinks: This is a free program which is seen in the membership area to earn money by simply clicking and watching the given ads which come on a daily basis.Cashlinks are also known as PTC ads. According to it, you will receive 10 ads daily which is worth up to 0.1$(it may vary) and it will be a fixed amount for both the membership packages.
  • Revenue Sharing: This program is the best unique plan in the TM to earn more money and it is popularly known as ad pack campaign inside the Traffic Monsoon community. In order to earn, you must buy an ad pack for 50$ and in return, you will not only get a profit of 55$ but also receive 1000 genuine visitors to any of your affiliate links or your website plus 20 guaranteed banner clicks.

Note: This profit of 55$ is shared within 55 days  to each member,i.e, if you purchased an ad pack for 50$ then per day you will get 1$ each up to 55 days(means you earned 110% total). But you have to surf 10 ads daily in order to get revenue sharing profit.

  • Referral System: Next as a member the best thing is to refer your friends and family to Traffic Monsoon or work as an affiliate by using the banners and other affiliate links on your website or blog in order to generate income.

Showing a rough chart on how a member earns his/her commission when they refer a person :

-> 10 referrals * 0.10$ (daily from cash links only) 30 days=30(monthly)
-> 100 referrals * 0.10$ (daily from cash links only) 30 days=300(monthly)
-> 1000 referrals * 0.10(daily from cash links only) 30 days=3000(monthly)

Note: As an active or paid member, you can earn extra 5% commission of your referrals when they buy an ad pack for 50$.

  • Affiliate program: You can earn 10% of commission from their affiliate programs.
  • Buy Ad credits(only recommended for bloggers or website owners): Buy any PPC service from TM at low cost and send traffic to your existing business to increase visitors, generate leads or make referrals and get new customers.



  • Honestly, trafficmonsoon.com is not a kind of investment company.
  • This strategy is quite ideal to follow if you want to earn a decent income for a longer period of time.
  • To upgrade from free membership, you have to buy new ad pack in order to become an active or paid member.
  • It won’t makes you share anything on their traffic exchange platform.

For example: They won’t entertain some kind of referral links or won’t promote links of Bit.ly, Shorte.st, ADF.ly or any other link shortener.

  • Please keep in mind that you are investing in ad pack not only for profit but also to generate traffic and banner clicks to your site as well.
  • If you hatred with the technique to refer anyone then also you can make a huge sum from ad pack campaign alone.
  • One important thing you have to keep it in your mind that it is mandatory to surf 10 ads daily even if you’re a paid or active member, otherwise it will affect your revenue sharing positions.
  • You are not supposed to use multiple accounts or can’t use two accounts from same wifi IP address. All these accounts will get permanently blocked.
  • Initial payout amount will be 2$ and they will raise to 3$, to 5$ up to 10$.Later on, the minimum payout will be at 10$.
  • E-Wallets like Payza, SolidTrustPay are only allowed for investing  and withdrawing the money.
  • Lastly, if you have never purchased any ad packs but you have earned something from cash links or affiliate commissions, you are only allowed to withdraw cash from Payza since admins try to control the balancing of funds between processors.

Update: Traffic Monsoon World bank coming soon to make payments easier.

So far we discussed what is traffic monsoon, is traffic monsoon a scam or not, how to make money with it online, what we must remember after joining it and what are the payment gateways, etc… Now let us find out its pros and cons.


There are many positive things to say about it but let us do it in a bulleted list so that it may easy for you to go through.


  • Traffic monsoon provides high-quality advertisements which can attract a worldwide audience.
  • It is designed with high security for your account for complete privacy.
  • Its management system is completely transparent and efficient.
  • Best customer care and support team avail for 24/7.
  • This company can send real traffic to your site with a lightening speed.
  • Affordable Traffic Monsoon packages and Traffic exchange credit purchases.


  • The main disadvantage is that we can’t trust anything online, at any time anything can happen. So you just invest an amount which you can afford to lose or don’t go for huge investments.
  • The second thing is that in Traffic Monsoon we can’t trust all advertisements which we see during surfing ads or when clicking cash links, as most of them will be a scam or Ponzi site, do avoid them or research about them before you join.
  • No PayPal payment support.


Website Url: www.trafficmonsoon.com 

Trust Score: 50/100

Alexa rank:  2912 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 43 (Pretty Good)


About a million paid members and the best website ranking within a short period of time make Traffic Monsoon a trustful hub to earn money in a couple of months. Even if you’re still afraid to invest in it try to work as a free member so that at least you can earn 0.1$ a day as better as doing nothing. And also very beneficiary for those who wants traffic and clicks for their respective blogs or websites. The reason why I gave trust score 50/100 because of bad remarks about

The reason why I gave trust score 50/100 because of bad remarks about its owner’s background and why I mentioned PayPal in cons side since it is believed that every trustable and legit revenue sharing companies will be having PayPal support and unfortunately Traffic Monsoon discontinued recently. Therefore, my suggestion is that just invest up to the amount you can affordable or else stay away from these types of suspicious sites.


Take decisions wisely !!!


Thank you for reading my well-researched article about traffic monsoon and I hope you understood something about is traffic monsoon a scam or not.

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11 thoughts on “Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam Or a Legit ? – 2016 Review

  1. Git says:

    Hi Arjun!
    I am very happy to have read your review on Traffic Monsoon as I have seen it around social media and thought of it as another scam… I am so sceptical since I have seen so many companies that are not serious.
    If I get it right I can earn money by watching ads or buying ads for my website? Sounds interesting.
    Thankyou for this review it feels solid.
    Best regards

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hello Git

      Thanks for reading my article.I hope this helped you out.

  2. LakanDula says:

    It sure did sound like another scam, but this website seems legitimate for what its giving its member, that is: more traffic. Let’s face it, no traffic, no revenue. This is something that I surely will consider investing into, like you said, not a big investment. I’m not into making huge investments, as I’ve learned about that from mistakes in the past.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi LakanDula,

      Thanks for reading my article.Hope you understand how to deal with such HYIP companies.And yes of course it is better to go with an investment which you can afford only.



  3. bailey aart says:

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    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Surprisingly I didn’t lose any money yet from this site as well as other sites too. But am pretty sure that these kind of sites are in danger zone always. Anyways thanks for letting me know about your service. It will be very helpful for others too.


  4. juanita jonathan says:

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    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Thanks for the info !!!
      Much appreciated.

  5. michealryan says:

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    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Thanks for the info Micheal

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