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Is Upwork Safe Enough For Freelancing ? – Full Review

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> Is UpWork  Safe ? What Is It All About ?

-> Points To Remember On How To Take Safe Projects.

-> What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using It ?

-> Trust Score And Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should We Use It ?

Looking for part time online jobs ? Want to work as a freelancer for reputed companies ? Are you a veteran on your skills that you have ? Then you must consider UpWork as your primary concern. They connect person to person or person to companies for the work they desired to do.

So, What Is UpWork About ?  Best In Class Freelancing Site !!!

is upwork safe

UpWork is a global freelancing platform or an online workplace headquartered in Mountain View, California, the USA where both businesses and the professional job seekers are linked and collaborate each other. It was formerly known as Elance-oDesk and rebranded into UpWork in 2015. It is founded by Stratis Karamanlakis, Odysseas Tsatalos. In overall, we can say that it is beneficial for both the parties who wants to connect each other in order to complete projects.

Is UpWork Safe or Is There Anything To Worry About It ?UpWork Is Totally Worth But Still….

In many forums and in other discussion sites I heard from many people that UpWork is totally a fraud site and it is scamming others. Is it really a scam site ? As an active member, I can confidently say NO!! it is not, then you may be thinking why others are raising a false statement against UpWork. The answer is simple, scammers are not only targeting their prey through emails and messages, however, they are also very active in such freelancing sites as well. So you should little bit of cautious before you take a project.

Secondly, I don’t think so UpWork is for beginners because there are so many profiles which give a tight competition for them to grow and chances are very less for them in order to grow. Hmm… there are possible ways you can easily get cheated. In, such freelancing sites, Fraudsters will use you to make their jobs done and after that, they just vanish away without paying you for your efforts what you made.

Steps To Take Safe & Genuine Projects

There are many ways you can easily get cheated. In, many freelancing sites, Fraudsters will use you to make their jobs done and after that, they just vanish away without paying you for your efforts. But you can avoid this threat if you are following these steps before you take a project from these freelancing sites:

  • Please Do Read Your Project Descriptions Patiently: Many beginners in such giant freelancing sites like UpWork will take projects blindly without reading clients profile. Never do that, genuine clients clearly mention few things such as what exactly they want, whom they want, their policy about payment, duration of projects. Therefore, choose your client wisely and don’t get fooled by yourself.
  • Make Double Sure With Your Client’s Transparency: Every client with blank profile doesn’t mean that they are fake. You can still pick them uprightly by checking the client’s ratings, feedbacks they got for their completed works. A reliable client definitely having a great ratings & reviews.
  • Never Take A Test Job Or Free Samples: In some occasions, buyers may ask for free sample works from applicants. This is strictly against UpWork’s terms and conditions. This is not accepted since frauds demand to do a free sample work for them saying this is to test your experience but truth is that this is an another way to done their works at zero cost.
  • Always follow a secured payment for every project you take:  Freelancing sites like UpWork provides escrow systems for securing and preventing payment disputes. So when going for a fixed price contract or hourly job contract just ensure that every milestone payment is financed on escrow and also see whether the client’s payment method is secured or verified.

These are the main things you should take care about after registering with UpWork freelancing site. If you follow these steps then definitely you can perform very well inside.

Therefore, so far we discussed what is UpWork about & whether is UpWork a scam or not and how to follow it properly. Now let us discuss how does it work and what are its pros and cons.

How UpWork Works ?

In UpWork, anyone can offer or take a job anything that can be processed on a computer, i.e, from the web to mobile programming, developing mobile apps or websites, etc…

is upwork safe and legit

UpWork Agency receives 10% of the amount paid to your freelancer once you hired. Major billing methods are PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

For example: Suppose the project is over and you have to pay an amount of $20 to your freelancer then they send your payment to him in which total of $18 dollar Freelancer will be getting and rest $2 goes to UpWork.

Pros & Cons: From My Personal Experience

As far as now, we already discussed is UpWork safe or not and let me tell you what I liked and what I don’t like about them.


  • One of the main advantages of UpWork is that it is totally free to use.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support and direct phone calls.
  • It is very easy to navigate and having a user-friendly interface.
  • It is loaded with a community in which you can discuss and share your thoughts.
  • Excellent tech support and beginner to veteran freelancers.
  • The site is secured with SSL and 90% fraud-free.
  • Can reach out to many clients anywhere in the globe.
  • Even mobile apps are available for free download as well.


  • Phone calls are quite expensive and they don’t have a toll free number.
  • Getting a  job for a freelancer is not easy as competitors are high in number.
  • Agency’s rate of commission is quite high.
  • Too much of fake clients who won’t pay their freelancers.

Total Score & Other Rankings

Website Url: www.upwork.com

Ratings: 90/100

Alexa Rank: 595 ( Globally )

Domain Authority: 79 ( Excellent )

Conclusion: Should We Join Here ?

UpWork already boasted with over 9,00,000 clients, more than 4.5m freelancers, and a total of 1billion worth of projects are completed so far. Not only that, it comes to the rank of top 1000 sites in the world according to Alexa.

So if you are asking me again whether is UpWork a scam still I can say NO. But yes of course for newcomers it will be very difficult to get a genuine project and moreover, it is proven that it is tough to get a job in it.


Thanks for reading my honest review and I hope you understood now is UpWork safe or not and how best they are as mediators. So take your decisions wisely before you join into it and make sure you can make better earnings from it or if not just stay away from it.

Do you want to explore its alternatives ? Check out the review report of TopTal 


Still having doubts whether to join or not ? Just leave a comment below ….I CAN HELP YOU OUT !!!!

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About Arjun T.U

An Internet Marketer by profession, a Blogger by passion and a traveler by birth. He blogs about reviews on trending online tools, best online job portals and hot online investment schemes.

19 thoughts on “Is Upwork Safe Enough For Freelancing ? – Full Review

  1. donnacaliegh says:

    Thank you. This is something to look into as I have not quite figured out yet how to make money working from home. Since I’ve been scammed by places before, I am always very leary of work from home opportunities and so it always nice to read honest personal reviews of how others are doing it. I appreciated the pros and cons and your warning to newbies that maybe they shouldn’t start out with this but to try back after gaining some experience. And then having recommendations for them to start out with such as Fiverr. So thanks again.

    1. Arjun T.U says:


      Thanks for being a part of my journey to find out is UpWork a scam. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for commenting here for your reading experience you had here.

      Much appreciated!!!


  2. Karissa says:

    Hello Arjun,

    I don’t know a whole lot about freelancing, but this post answers all the questions I might have about it. I am going to check out UpWork to see if it would help me with my business. There are definitely more pros than cons!

    I learned a lot, and thank you for sharing!


    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Karissa

      Thanks for showing an interest in reading my article about UpWork freelancing.Hope you enjoyed it.


  3. 5tephen says:

    Thank you Arjun for that great review. I have heard of Fiverr before but not Upwork. The internet being what it is today with many unscrupulous characters around, it is good to see the positive reviews on sites such as this. No matter where we go or what we do, there are going to be the unscrupulous type who ruin it for the majority.

    I appreciate the steps you have outlined as a precaution before even considering a project. I have since checked out Upwork and I am amazed at the amount of talent present from all over the world. There definitely is no risk of there being a language barrier.

    I can understand why it is not the place for beginners. The site discloses the experience of the more popular freelancers there and some of these professionals have thousands of hours clocked up. Thanks again

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi, thanks for your insight. I really appreciated your comment and hope you enjoyed the article is Upwork a scam or not.


  4. Erika says:

    So the more jobs I take, the higher will be my chances to get another job? The only hard part is the beginning because there are so many people on the internet looking for the same jobs.
    I have read that some people taking jobs on upwork earn for living. That sounds possible but seems like a long and heavy road to follow. What do you think?

    1. Arjun T.U says:


      Yes you are right the more you ready to spend for working Upwork then less time you need to succeed. For every genuine works there will be hardships to overcome. If you are pro in anything then should consider this. Just create your profile with more legit informations and in a professional way and then apply. Hope it helps.


  5. John Johnson says:

    Completely agree with you. I am working with it from last five years. I got so many online projects from it and they all are safe. For newcomers, if they are afraid to start working with it they can use digital signatures to sign documents online with the client when they start their first project. So, they will feel safe and work easily.

  6. I was forcefully upgraded to UpWork from eLance and things went really bad afterwards. In eLance, I was happy to sort out others problems and use that little money earned, to get things done to my projects, where somebody else provided better skills compared to mine. That’s not, what UpWork business idea was. First, their attitude to freelancers was like they are “employees” for their company rather than they are providing service to us! Secondly, they support more freelancers that can scam customers money from hourly based jobs, rather than completing project on fixed price and deadline. And they can’t demand to use their escrow service without having a proper financial service license. And monitoring private conversations, which are subject to NDA is criminal act. You can read more about my experiences in my blog: #http://www.veikoherne.com/2016/07/upwork-illegal-services-are-paradise-for-scammers/

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Veiko

      Thanks for your valuable information about UpWork. Definitely, this gonna help others who wants to join and who already joined.



  7. supriya says:

    very nice blogs!!! i have to learning for lot of information for this sites…Sharing for wonderful information.Thanks for sharing this valuable information to our vision. You have posted a trust worthy blog keep sharing.

    This is really an awesome article. Thank you for sharing this.It is worth reading for everyone.

    1. Hi

      You are welcome Supriya.



  8. R.shanmugam says:

    Hai I am new to this I don’t know how to create a blog in up work is there any starting fees for signing in your website

    1. You don’t have to be. In UpWork you can signup and work as a freelancer for absolutely at no cost. There may be small tests or if not just collect positive feedbacks to earn more. Hope I cleared your doubt or else if you wanna create a new blog please read my review about wealthy affiliate

  9. Tracey says:

    Thanks Arjun, I learnt from someone who is looking for someone to write blogs for me. Three quick questions:
    1: On Upwork, how do you find someone (and qualify that) who has a passion for your industry> eg. I am looking for someone to write blogs for me on Marketing online for small businesses. But also I need to find a different person to write some blogs for a client, who is guiding people in fashion (how to look good in today’s fashion for different body shapes)
    2: What is the going rate per blog, if you are giving topics and content examples?
    3: How do you make sure they are not just copying someone else’s blog vs writing you new content

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Good to hear from you,

      1.) I request you to check this link out as it may help you to get started: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211063398-How-do-I-get-started-so-I-can-post-a-job-hire-someone-and-get-the-work-done-
      And one suggestion from my side is that try to pick freelancers by looking into their positive feedbacks what they received after completing any respective projects.
      2.) Rate depends upon freelancer and how you gonna choose them. Standard native English freelancers may charge a bit higher than others, obviously, you have to pay them if you need a good content writer.
      3.) You can use tools like Copyscape to make sure the received content is not copied from somewhere else.

      Hope it helps.



  10. Preksha Das says:

    Your blog is nice and informative too. You have shared such e great information which is really important for those people who are thinking to join upwork for freelancing like me but i heard lots of good reviews as well about upwork that they are giving nice place to work and clients as well, so that all not true or what?. Might be people would love to see this website as well about freelancing for freelance people(#http://www.hifreelancer.com). I had a good experience.

    Thank you for the great post

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