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MailGet Bolt Review: Are Their Email Marketing Functionalities Really Effective ?

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

 ->MailGet Bolt review – What is it all about ?

->Prime Features & Additional Specifications.

->Pricing Chart & Additional Charges.

->Conclusion: Is MailGet Bolt worth an investment ?

mailget bolt review

Planning to start email marketing for your business? But don’t know where to start?

Then, you are at the right place. MailGet Bolt is a quick, affordable, easy to use & the most important, a result-oriented email marketing service. It will help you to plan the email campaigns, strategize huge mailing lists, sending bulk emails & tracking the results in real time.

Email marketing is one of the finest techniques to gather prospects and keep up a brand value in the market. MailGet Bolt empowers organizations to connect with the potential & existing clients constantly and takes them back to the business websites via their email inboxes.

So, What Is MailGet Bolt All About ? – Affordable & Simple Yet Powerful Email Marketing Service !!!

MailGet Bolt is an across the board service provider for making, sending and analyzing promotional and value-based emails. It makes the template building & email sending a hassle-free process. The integrated tools enable you to assemble a delightful, responsive and out-of-the-box email campaign.

MailGet Bolt is sure to drive maximum conversion from the prospects because of the numerous tools provided to make custom-made solutions according to the business requirements. You can construct the emails straight away hitting the client’s needs, their demography as well as their business behavior. Utilizing email marketing personalization, impactful email subjects, contacts segmentation, you can be sure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time. Any business niche, whether a startup or a developed company can employ MailGet Bolt to take the e-marketing track to another level.

Main Features & Highlights Of MailGet Bolt

Visual Editor: Every business wants that all the contacts read the message inside the emails. So while picking up an email marketing software, search for specific aspects regarding the visual styling options. The most critical of them are Drag-and-Drop builder, inbuilt photo editors, responsive layout, and the capacity to code your own HTML or CSS frame. These elements of MailGet Bolt will withdraw the need to rebuild your newsletters or templates each and every time. Previous designs can be replicated and re-utilized with only a couple of clicks, which likewise will be a beginning stage for new layouts.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: It is one of the cases, which empowers you to make incredible looking email templates that can be optimized for customers using any browser or mailing service.

mailget bolt review dashboard


Analytics & Reports: Cutting through the messiness is the objective of most email marketers. To accomplish this goal, information needs to be at the focal point of the campaigns. MailGet Bolt provides a detailed overview of how the email campaign is performing with emphasis on the metrics that are conveying positive results.

User-friendly Dashboard: Displays detailed reports on how many people have opened the email, click-through, deliverability rate, also provides insights on deliverability rates based on interactivity, success and failure rates of the emails and much more. All of these data helps to optimize the campaigns and upgrade the performance over time. Users can likewise monitor the patterns to find out which emails bounced, and which email got the maximum opening rate.

List Segmentation: Promoting the business with proper contact segmentation is a major part of email marketing. Adopting a single plan to approach all the one isn’t appropriate for bulk email campaigns. MailGet Bolt will help you to easily partition the subscribers into different groups. You can also classify them into subsets according to their behavior towards the emails: Purchasers list, blog subscribers, registered users, business partners & much more according to your needs & convenience.

Capture 4X More Leads For Your Business: With the advanced sliding forms available with MailGet Bolt, grab the leads of potential customer base from every page of your website. You can customize its aesthetic appearance, position on the website too.

Additional Specifications Of MailGet Bolt

  • Google Analytics
  • Auto Follow Up Emails – Get 50% more opening with this feature of MailGet Bolt.
  • Email marketing personalization
  • Inbuilt SMTP – no need to externally purchase another SMTP service to send bulk emails.
  • Drip & autoresponder – email automation.
  • Schedule the emails to be sent later
  • 99% Inbox email delivery assurance.
  • Social media integration.

MailGet Bolt Review: Pricing Structure

Before one goes for any email marketing software, it is vital to take note of the pricing package as well. MailGet Bolt provides a focused & competitive pricing structure. Apart from this, all the plans incorporate a boundless number of contacts, constant email tracking, campaign optimization, coordinated personalization and an interactive dashboard.

  1. Monthly Plans

mailget bolt review pricing plans

There are a variety of monthly plans available, in which the pricing differ & increase according to the number of subscribers. More the price of a package, more are the number of contacts to which one can send bulk emails.

  1. Yearly Plans

mailget bolt review pricing yearly

MailGet Bolt also extends a yearly package, where one gets 2 months free offer & the billings are made annually. Please check the image above to have a clear insight.

Pros & Cons From User’s Perspective


  • 24*7 live chat & support to instantly tackle the client’s queries and quests.
  • MailGet Bolt is absolutely easy to work with, without any technical know-how.
  • An easy going process for the customers to unsubscribe the mailing service with the unsubscribe handle provided in the email body.
  • The email templates are completely responsive, which means that they can be effectively viewed from any device.

This much from our side & let us see what the real clients of MailGet Bolt have to say about the service:

mailget bolt review customer feedback


  • There could me more adaptable & advanced customization options for redesigning the email templates.

Overall Score

Conclusion: Is MailGet Bolt worth an investment ?

Although MailGet Bolt is recently launched, it still manages to outclass other prominent email marketing services. It is highly user-friendly, cost effective and packs a lot of features, the point at which you need to focus on while purchasing this services is it 99% inbox delivery guarantee. No bulk emailing service provider assures its customers with such high promises but it does.

When talking about who can but this e-marketing service, all the new business owners, and even a single person can avail its services because of its inexpensiveness. According to us, this is a must buy emailing service and you won’t regret your decision later.

Hope you all enjoyed the MailGet Bolt review and thanks for your valuable time spent here.

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