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Rankwatch Review: Honest Report On How Accurate RankWatch Is

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> RankWatch review – What is RankWatch.com all about ?.

-> Why & To Whom It For ?

-> Features – See My Detailed Report

-> How Accurate Is It ? – Read My Honest Answer To My Findings

-> Premium Pricing Plans – Is It Really Affordable ?

-> Pros And Cons – From My Personal Experience

-> Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Well, before going to the detailed review of RankWatch let me ask you something. Are you looking for a professional SEO tool which can provide website analytics, competitive analysis, link building, keyword rank tracker and more at an affordable price ? Then this is the perfect and robust tool for you.

For the best understanding, am reviewing this tool by using the test results from my blog when I checked my blog analytics with their all available tools. Therefore, before moving into my honest findings let me introduce the most simple yet powerful tool to you.

So, What Is RankWatch.com ? A Most Accurate SEO Tool That Will Guide You For All Your SEO Needs !!!

RankWatch is a cloud-based All-In-One SEO tool which has Artificial Intelligence of its own. It helps in the process of developing a complete online strategy for your website. It mainly specialized in SEO management that includes most Advanced Analytics, Backlink Watch, Keyword Position Checker, Local Tracking, Competitor Watch, and more on.

The company is Indian based headquartered in Haryana, Gurgaon. In a global level, it’s reputation is quite high in the Digital Marketing industry. Moreover, the company has a strong client base and still growing rapidly giving tough competition to its alternatives like Moz, SemRush, AWR cloud, etc…

Features Of RankWatch

The features are worth valuable and robust. RankWatch is loaded with many features but unfortunately, some features are limited which they called as ‘free tools’ and in order to enjoy rest of its features every client must subscribe any of their plans which we will discuss very soon. Now here is the list of features that every paid and free members can access.

Free Tools (Anyone Can Use):

  • Website Analyzer: This feature helps you to scan in-depth analysis for your blog/website. Test carries on extensive parameters ranging from SEO, Technology, Social Media, Traffic, Mobile, Speed, which are essential to score better rankings in search engines and for more visibility.

Let us analyze it with my blog (RESULTS SHOWN BELOW WITH FEW IMAGES)

rankwatch review analyzer

rankwatch analyzer review

Note: You can also download your test results into your PC or Mac in PDF format.

  • Mobile-Friendly Test: Using this tool you can test your blog or website in order to know whether it is running on a responsive mobile/tablet theme and pops out the issues if any( see the image below).

rankwatch review report

  • Google Algorithm Updates: As a free tool, it helps you to find if there are any hits happen to your blog/website from any of the Google updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc.. (Here is a quick view of the result when I integrated into it to check any hits happen to my blog)

rankwatch review report

Premium Tools (Usage Limited To Paid Members)

  • Simple & Effective SEO Management
  • 100% White Label Solutions
  • Keyword Archive
  • CEO Dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting
  • City Based Rank Tracking
  • Email Alerts
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Finder

Pricing Plans

RankWatch premium membership is accessible by subscribing into any of their plans namely M, L, XL & Custom Tailored. Apart from this, they are giving a free 14 days trial period where you can try it out without entering your credit card details. YES, ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you aren’t satisfied then you can bail out anytime at no cost.

rankwatch review

You can subscribe any of the plans but be sharp while doing so because before making a purchase, you should know first to choose the frequency of updates(daily or weekly), secondly, you should aware of the plan duration i.e 1 month 0r for 6 or yearly. Or else there is a minor chance of getting an additional bill into your invoice. Their Custom-Tailored plan is such an outstanding option which suits for everyone who wants to get bills for what they only want.

Why & To Whom The RankWatch Platform For ?

After a detailed research, I think it can helpful to many like as a blogger the tool is very useful for me to find perfect keywords for my contents, to track the rankings and keywords of my competitors instantly, to find hidden opportunities such as low hanging fruit keywords, backlink tracker, etc…So, I strongly believe the tool may be helpful for every blogger especially for those who doesn’t have any basic SEO knowledge as well.

Accordingly, this tool will help Webmasters to test with the features which we discussed earlier. Another interesting fact is that the tool helps to integrate easily with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster just with a one click process. Hmm, Of course, it will help all webmasters to cut down their workload.

For any private firms or large companies in order to find where they are losing traffic can also depend on their service to pick out key areas where they can gain traffic back.

Finally, in short, we can say this tool going to work for those who wants a complete SEO strategy for all their internet marketing solutions. Next, let us discuss the positive side and negative side of the services offered by RankWatch.

RankWatch Review: Pros & Cons (From My Personal Experience) – 85% Satisfied

Below you can read out my personal experience about what I feel good and bad about their services during the trial period.


  • Low pricing plans when compared to other available SEO tools in the online market.
  • Keep away your credit cards during 14-days free trial period.
  • Rankings of SERPs, keywords, local SEO what they showing are very accurate.
  • Best user-friendly insights for beginners.
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support with chat facility as an alternative option.


  • Lacks powerful Keyword research tool.
  • Inability to lead appropriate Backlink analysis.

Conclusion: Should We Go After It ?

Honestly, YES, since being a simple and an affordable SEO management tool that we definitely try it out at least once. It is for whom local SEO & rank accuracy are top priorities. And I wish if the tool was having a strong and versatile knowledge base, testimonials may make better outcomes and impact in the market since online marketers, bloggers, on these days rely on word of mouth or recommendations. Unfortunately, in Rankwatch I couldn’t find any testimonial pages yet.


Thanks a lot for your valuable time….

I hope you enjoyed my RankWatch review report and understood to whom it will be beneficial by utilizing it.

Would you like to read about one of its best alternatives ? Read my complete review of TinyRanker – How it can be used to get more visibility for your online business than ever before.

Do you have any more doubts regarding this ? Or do you have anything to share with us about their services ? Please comment below…

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8 thoughts on “Rankwatch Review: Honest Report On How Accurate RankWatch Is

  1. andrejs says:

    Thank you for review, and honestly, I am interested in checking at least free version. I never heard before about RankWatch SEO tool. In fact, I do not even look for it as doing SEO manually how much I need it. After reading your as real users review pros and cons, why not to try it, so only I can lose, is the time.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Andrejs

      You are welcome. Hope you will like it.



  2. Deb says:

    Hi Arjun
    This sounds like a very good seo tool. I use Jaxxy for my seo, have you heard or it or used it? The only thing wrong with Jaaxy in my opinion is that it doesn’t evaluate the strength of the sites that are outranking you in terms of how many backlinks they have. I know that moz does this but I’ve heard that the database they use to draw their info from isn’t the best. Does rankwatch do this?


    1. Hi

      Yes, it does. I tried Jaaxy and Moz both before and Of course those are very handy tools but pricy. Comparatively, I feel RankWatch is better when comes to pricing. Try it’s free trial period and let me know how it helped or not.

      Thank you.

  3. Sangi G says:

    Great article. Did you know that Rank Tracker Tool is another useful tool to help optimize the SEO strategy? Here it is: #http://www.ranktrackertool.com#

  4. It’s great to going through your review about rankwatch. Definitely It deserve a try for its affordability for competitive pricing and integrated seo tool. Thanks ….

    1. Hi Ravikant

      Good to hear that.

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