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Role of E–Commerce Site in Day to Day Life – RootOfIncome

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Topics at a Glance:

-> Basic structure and working of E-commerce websites

-> Trust establishment & customer care

-> Role of E-commerce website

-> Conclusion

After years of offline shopping from one shop to another and from that to yet another, E-Commerce is a breath of fresh air for the consumers. The day people got introduced to the shopping malls and hypermarkets, they stopped shopping from the regular shops or regular markets and the day they got introduced to the online shopping websites, the world of shopping was revolutionized once again. And now online shopping websites are one of the fastest growing marketplaces across the whole world. Let us explore the roles and structure of the e-commerce websites; the way they have impacted our lives and the roles they play in day to day life.

E-Commerce Websites – Structure and Basic Working

role of e commerce

  • Online shopping requires a device with internet browsing functionality and a decent internet connection. The user can shop anytime from any place and that too for any product available in the product list available on the official website.
  • The websites provide a lot of options which are called as filters to let the users choose from only a few chosen options and thus saves time and browsing efforts.
  • Apart from the filters, the users can also avail the benefits such as discounts, sales, promotional vouchers, gift cards, coins, and points etc.
  • Once the product is selected, the users will be forwarded to the payment gateway. Payments can be done online as well as offline (cash on delivery; if applicable).
  • The easy returns, assurance of the brand, verification of the vendors, secured transactions and hassle free shopping are some of the good policies that are generally opted by the good e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce – Trust Establishment and Customer Care

It is highly important for the e-commerce websites to ensure that the users pay only for what they buy and get value for every single buck they spend. So as to carry out the customer protection measures such as fake product returns, or return if unsatisfied, the e-commerce websites have rules and regulations for the vendors that must be obeyed and are enforced strictly by the website owners.

Proper Customer care channels are established via chat as well as calls in various languages so as to help customers and make them feel secure and cared for.

Roles of the E-Commerce Website

  • Apart from serving as the best channel to shop anywhere from the world, the e-commerce websites also improve the standard of the people involved as they become more aware of the internet and various related services.
  • E-Commerce websites help the consumers understand their rights as well as the unjustified demands and requests from the vendors. The transactions carried out online also lead to a flow of money in the economy which in turn improves it.
  • E-Commerce websites provide the cover against the damaged and wrong goods with proper terms and conditions which mean that the chances of getting into problems with vendors can be easily avoided. Customers cannot deny buying the product and the vendors cannot deny selling the same.
  • Improving the business among various banks, payment gateways, vendors, regions and every single unit of consumer’s demand and supply chain is done by the E-Commerce websites.
  • Though the users might not understand it completely, the online shopping and its growth index is a measure of the lifestyle standards and development in a nation. The completely transparent online shopping system ensures fewer losses incurred in terms of ‘middle-men-profit’.
  • The E-Commerce websites have led to the development of a multitude of startups that offer a myriad of services such as marketing, digital publicity, technical support, consumer base management, and content marketing, website design and maintenance etc.


The role of E-Commerce websites has a much larger and wider impact on the day to day lives of not only consumers but also the people involved in business such a local vendors, sales representatives, manufacturers etc.


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