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SafeLinkConverter Review: EveryThing You Should Know About It !!!

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Reviewing Topics at a Glance:

-> SafeLinkConverter review – Detailed introduction

-> Is It Safe To Use In Blogs & Other Social Media Networks ?

-> What Does It Offer ?

-> How To Get Start With SafeLinkConverter & Earn Money With It ?

-> Is It open for all Or Whom It For ?

-> Pros & Cons: From My Experience

-> Conclusion: Should we try it ?

safelinkconverter review

There are many ways to earn money over the Internet. One of the oldest and easy ways is by using Google AdSense to advertise on your blog. However, it is quite draggy to paste long, dull URLs in your content. You can use URL shorteners online to shorten these boring URLs and use them to make money online.

So bloggers, writers, website owners, you need to try out a link shortening platform that decently pays you. There are many URL shorteners online such as Shorte.st, ADFly, Bitly, etc… but today we will review SafeLinkConverter in this article.

What is SafeLinkConverter.com All About ? – The Best Place to Double Your Income By Shortening URLs With Or Without Google AdSense Or By CPM !!!

SafeLinkConverter.com is an URL shortening platform. It allows you to earn than what you would earn using other link shortening platforms. It was started in 2011 and it helps one encrypt URLs and shows ads on the decrypting page. Thus, allowing its clients to earn using their outgoing links. It Has Better Revenue Sharing and if you compare other Url shorteners with SafeLinkConverter, then it will be the only platform that shows the promise of earning highest revenue. Once you setup the plugin, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to create an account.

The best part about using SafeLinkConverter is that it is not just useful to make money from the blog. You can use this platform along with your other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as other social media websites. It helps you earn money whenever someone visits the link shared by you.

SafeLinkConverter ranks with the top 5 link conversion platforms. It allows you to earn 5x more than any other link converting platform. Using them, you can convert links, give your viewers a review of the links they will visit as well as give you AdSense ads on the review page. It regularly optimizes the review page and thus, allowing the user to earn more profits from a safer option. You even have the option of showing the review page on your own domain/subdomain as well as choose from different layout options.

What Does SafeLinkConverter Offer ?

There are many things that make their services a popular choice. The main USP of using their platform include:

  •  Increase in profits as compared to other similar platforms
  •  You get your own review page.
  •  Earning more trust from page visitors
  •  Get your earnings in your own AdSense account

How to Earn Money Using SafeLinkConverter ?

Safelinkconverter review

Just visit SafeLinkConverter and sign up for an account. Fill in all the required details such as username, email, password, the name of your website as well as AdSense status. Make sure you verify your Email address using the link sent to your inbox.

That’s it. You can now download the plugin and start using it. AdSense users can user the JavaScript or WordPress plugin to start earning. CPM service users can go the dashboard and login to use the plugin for CPM Service.

You can now shorten any link and use it to start earning money in your AdSense or CPM-based revenue service.

Why Choose SafeLinkConverter ?

safelinkconverter payment review

SafeLinkConverter.com allows its clients to use their own AdSense ads to earn from their URLs displayed on their website. If you are a website owner with an AdSense account, you can have the option of earning money from your own AdSense and get easily paid by Google.

Google approves the layout of the page on which the AdSense ads will be shown. That page is where the visitor will actually see the review page containing the information related to the whois details, Alexa ranking and the antivirus reviews of the link. Thus, the visitor gets a brief idea related to the website link posted.

Benefits of Using SafeLinkConverter

There are many benefits of using it. Some of these include:

  •  You can earn great profits from AdSense as they have the best layout for ads.
  • It has ready to use JavaScript and WordPress Plugins
  • The visitors can get more information regarding the link they will be visiting using their dynamic content algorithm.
  • They provide a wide range of ads that caters to people on a global scale.
  • They have the highest CPM rates as compared to any other link shortening platforms.
  • They provide regular updates and optimization of the pages and plugins.
  • As one has their own domain, it allows them to start their own review service and get more protection for their AdSense.


Only the thing what I dislike apart from their valuable service is nothing but their help desk. Why I felt because initially when everyone come down to their site it will bit confusing how they work which let them with a couple of doubts. In order to deal it, there are no live chat facility nor any helpful forums either.

Referral System

safelinkconverter referral program review

If earning from links is not enough, SafeLinkConverter allows its existing clients to earn more by bringing in more clients on board. They pay about 25% of the earnings of their referred users for life! Yes, so website owners, bloggers, writers, etc. can get more friends to join SafeLinkConverter and keep earning about 25% of their friends share for life! They even provide a special link to their clients that can be shared on websites, discussions, forums as well as social media websites.

What Makes SafeLinkConverter Better Than Others ?

SafeLinkConverter has many factors that cannot be matched by most URL shortening platforms. These include:

  •  Earning up to 99% revenue sharing with the help of AdSense
  • Better support staff that helps take care of policies and other conditions. Thus, keeping your account from being blocked.
  • Shorten long, boring links free.

What Makes SafeLinkConverter Click ?

Clients of SafeLinkConverter can earn using either of the two ways offered by this platform.

  •  AdSense Revenue Sharing Service: SafeLinkConverter, as mentioned before has an option for its clients to earn revenue from their URLs using their AdSense account. The website owner gets about 85% of the revenue generated by their traffic and these earnings are reflected live in their AdSense Account. Google does the payment according to the amount reflected in your account. Users can use their own domain to display the ads and website owners can ask for a custom percentage depending on their traffic.
  •  CPM Based Revenue Service: CPM service is for users who don’t have an AdSense account. They can earn the best rates on SafelinkConverter compared to other link shortening platforms. In CPM service, the visitor can see different ads and captcha and the client can earn the highest CPM rates depending on their traffic.

If you own your own domain service, then you can get your own link shortening/encrypting website. SafeLinkConverter also gives you a review site that provides the client with search traffic from Google. They no longer have to worry about their AdSense account as it can be used for their own website.

SafeLinkConverter Review: My Personal Score

Conclusion: Should You Go In for It ?

After analyzing SafeLinkConverter and going through the various sources, we have found it has the most positive reviews. The platform is well managed and keeps all resources safe. The customer care is quite helpful and makes sure the client does not step over any boundaries that can get them blocked or banned. Completely legit and safe platform, SafeLinkConverter allows you to earn legal money. It has earned quite a reputation in the market. It has a daily payments option for clients with a high traffic website.

So simply put, you should definitely try using any one of their services to shorten links and earn more money than you usually would. Get revenue directly in your AdSense account or on the SafeLinkConverter account. Do try it and as SafeLinkConverter is definitely not just a swindle website.

Thank you for reading my complete Safelinkconverter review and hope you understood the complete business model and how they work for bloggers and non-bloggers. It’s clearly a safe and legit way to earn a steady income online.

Looking for an alternative? Let me help you here. 

I just experimented Shorte.st quite long before and here is the complete Shorte.st review. You can read more from there.

Still, anything to clarify from my side ? Let me know through your comments. Do it below  !!!

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