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SendPulse Review: Is It The Best All-In-One Mailing Service Currently ?

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is SendPulse All-In-One Marketing Service ? – SendPulse Review In Detail.

-> What Are Its Key Features & Other Additional Specifications ?

-> Pricing Chart & Additional Charges.

-> Pros & Cons : From My Experience.

-> Trust Score & Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Who Is It For ?

Running a business does not only include buying and selling of commodities; it has become a more complex and specialized phenomenon. No matter how goods and services are produced, having proper communication markets for the same is as essential as the question of entering into business. Thus, arises the need for e-mail marketing solutions; extremely quick and cost-effective way to communicate with the masses and send constant reminders to customers. E-mail marketing is the oldest method to reach the prospects and maintain goodwill in the market. It enables companies to communicate frequently with the customers and brings them back to the companies’ websites. It delivers value-added information to support the products and services to the people who want it.

So, What Is SendPulse All About ? Best In Class Single Platform For Email Marketing, WebPush, SMTP & SMS Services !!!

SendPulse is a cloud-based service which is built on helping online businesses that are fully based on automation. It mainly focuses on 4 areas of online marketing such as Email, Web push, SMTP & SMS along with a huge amount of other paid and free features. It uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) which predicts users behaviour and also gathers huge amounts of information about billions of email addresses in the framework and predicts the best time and the best channel for every recipient when to deliver the next email.

sendpulse review: dashboard

Dashboard view

Review of SendPulse As An E-mail Service Provider 

Today, there various email marketing service providers available in the market and it may be a daunting task to select the right one to achieve success. Choosing the right one is crucial, and here we introduce to you SendPulse E-mail Marketing service. They provide statistical analysis, subscriber management, and performance monitoring. They always aim to reduce the running cost of companies. They create better inputs which can help businesses to achieve better results and increase sales.

SendPulse always aims to reduce the running cost of companies. They create better inputs which can help companies to achieve better results and increase sales. They come up with responsive emails which look perfect at any screen resolution, especially for mobile devices. Also send out best effective emails using A/B Testing, Auto send and email scheduler.

sendpulse review: email marketing features

Some of the other special features of SendPulse E-mail Marketing are:

Easy to use: SendPulse email marketing offers an easy to use the platform. Companies do not need to go through so much stress to get to their customers and for customers, getting back to the company has been made easy.

Ready-Made Templates: I didn’t find any lag nor I didn’t touch any coding part either as it does everything according to my wish. You will get over 100 designs in order to make simple and fast emails.

Drag & Drop Interface: Their editor tool is very convenient which quickly allows you to create professional looking ready made templates for sending emails.

Scheduling: Since communication is an inevitable part of any business, messages should be delivered at the right time, to the right person, with a right set of information, to increase the utility of the message. SendPulse email marketing solutions, assure managers to concentrate on other key areas of the business and leave the headache of delivering messages out.

Analytics: One of the rules of effective email marketing is to check the results of every email campaign as this is needed to improve the next email. SendPulse email marketing service saves statistics reports on every email with a wide range of metrics; open rate, click rate, geographic stats, statistics by the device, the number of errors, and unsubscribed users not excluded. SendPulse email marketing service also has in place integration with Google Analytics to make detailed reports on users’ activities.

Subscriber management: Advanced search or segmenting options make it easier to target subscribers. SendPulse e-mail marketing service helps you get maximum benefit from your web-traffic, coordinating unique visits and visitors with e-mails targeted to their interests. Written in a friendly, welcoming tone, the e-mail stresses your desire to serve your customers and it expresses eagerness to see them in one of your stores or back on your website. SendPulse e-mail marketing service helps you develop several customer-service letters targeted to specific products and also adapted to more general audiences. Done well, these e-mail messages do not look for feel like “spam”; instead, they make your customer feel as though they have received your personal, undivided attention.

Mass texting: In the present scenario, every organization wants to reduce its operational cost which can be possible if such messages can be delivered to masses in bulk. SendPulse email marketing bulk mailing services, help businesses to not only cut cost but reach people across the globe.

Segmentation: It allows you to send emails to your clients depending on their location, gender, or any particular interests.

Smart form filling: It helps you to set replaceable content fields in your emails based on the data that you have about your beneficiaries.

Customized/personalized emails: People want services to be customized for every need now, and businesses are trying to cater every single need of the customers. SendPulse email marketing services let managers make changes in messages as per the tastes and preferences of the readers, who, in turn, can be the potential customers.

Email Subscription Plans

SendPulse is intuitive and offers the best email marketing pricing so far. They have 4 types of plans according to the number of newsletters we send. Please find the image below on how they are charging.

SendPulse review: email pricing

Review Of SendPulse As An SMTP Service Provider

SMTP is nothing but a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is widely used for transactional emails. You can easily integrate into your mails using their trustable SMTP server.

Features Of SMTP

  • Provides a dedicated IP address to boost your sender reputations.
  • Limits a number of messages that are considered to be spam by using the special cryptographic signatures SPF and DKIM.
  • Servers are quite powerful and trustable that support secure SSL connections too.
  • For every mailing list, accurate statistics and reports are generated and you are also allowed to download all your reports as well.
  • Never send your mailings to all your unsubscribed people even if they are on the mailing list.

Pricing Plans

SMTP services are absolutely free for the first 12000 emails and thereafter they charge from $8.85. See the image below.

sendpulse review: smtp pricing

SendPulse As A WebPush Service Provider 

Webpush notifications are really unavoidable for those whom what to quickly inform their readers or customers about new arrivals, news or anything in particular. Luckily their webpush services are totally free and support with almost every latest browser and it’s working well for me as well. I just have to add a line of code right after the registration. You can too register here for a free account.

sendpulse webpush signup

Features offered by them in short:

  • Promising 90% of visibility results.
  • Instant notification as soon as they come online.
  • Both personalized and segmented based notification available.
  • Send bulk notifications through your personal account.
  • Auto sending feature is also present.

SendPulse As An SMS Service Provider

This is one of the prime service offered by them. You can send messages to all over the globe from anywhere you want. You are welcomed to try this service for free as well. First 10 SMS are free and after that, they will charge you depending upon the country basis. You can read the complete price list for each country they charging.

Features offered:

  • Individual SMS & bulk SMS messaging available.
  • The whole world can be covered within seconds.
  • Automation, as well as schedule features, are quite useful.
  • Customizable subscription forms and also can generate reports regarding them.

SendPulse Review: Pros & Cons From My Experience

Well, I utilized their platform for a couple of time now and here is my genuine feedback about them.


  • Email sending is free for up to 2500 subscribers and can send 15000 emails per month.
  • Free integration of their push service is really impressive.
  • Customer support is perfectly fine, especially I loved their 24/7 live chat option.
  • Both android and IOS apps are quite useful.
  • Deliverability of sending emails are high enough.
  • Easy integration of API with CRM system.
  • Sendpulse can be integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce, Highrise CRM, Bitrix24, Magento, etc…


  • If there were more flexible template designs then it will be very worthful.

Conclusion: Should We Go For It ?

YES, Of course. SendPulse contains much more unique content you will not find anywhere else! Choosing their email marketing services guarantees you immediate and relevant assistance, which is very important. SendPulse email marketing service is able to offer a lot of user-friendly reports like success on deliverability, click-through and open rates. SendPulse email marketing will help in segmenting the list of email receivers based on the demographic criteria. This would actually be useful to target only a set of audience and would also reduce the pricing based on it.

Whatever product you sell, when customers think generally of that product, you want them immediately to think of you. In most cases, we call that “tattooing your brand on customers’ consciousness” Even if you can afford television and radio advertising, you should supplement them with a substantial web-presence-an engaging, interactive website with “contact us” prominently displayed on the entry page, and complementary pages on all the social networking sites. Of course, when customers contact you, you should have the capacity to reply instantly. In general, you should stay in touch with your customers. You should keep your brand in customers’ consciousness with regular e-mails.

Hope you enjoyed my detailed SendPulse review report. Thank you for sparing your valuable time here.

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