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Shorte.st Review – Best Link Shortener That Pays !!!

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> Shorte.st Review – How it became the best link shortener service ?

-> Is It Worth Enough To Earn As A Blogger ?

-> How To Make Money Online With It ? – Full Report.

-> What You Must Remember When You Became A New Member ?.

-> What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using It?

-> Trust Score And Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

best link shortener - Shorte.st review

Want to earn more as a secondary income ? Looking for genuine sites to make money online ? Do


Do you have a huge or decent Twitter followers or the same from any other respective social channels ?

Most of your followers/readers are from US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA & NEWZ ZEALAND ?

Then let me introduce a tool called Shorte.st which works well for you.

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Shorte.st Review: How Shorte.st Become Best Link Shortener ? 

Today I would like to review about a beautiful URL shortening services to my readers. Confusing which one ? It is none other than Shorte.st. It is one of the best link shortener site located in Europe which is linked to various advertising networks which make us earn some money online just by shortening any URLs.

for example: If a visitor visits your site and clicked on an another link which is monetized by Shorte.st will show an ad for 5 seconds and after that, it will be redirected to the original link.

Shorte.st is loaded with best user-friendly tools to boost your income and it does not require any forms of ad space either in order to earn nor you can make a steady income through these tools with or without a website. It offers a simple and user-friendly dashboard with high CPM rates with global coverage which is far better than any other link shortening services.

Is Shorte.st Worth For Bloggers To Earn ? – Not Really !!!

That really depends on upon you actually. Why am saying this because it is just an alternative in case Adsense doesn’t approve your blog for advertisements. And I strongly believe this service won’t suit many bloggers who hate popup ads which drive traffic away. Therefore, we can conclude that it is more suits for vloggers, twitter lovers & also for AdSense haters as well.

Their earnings are calculated by considering two factors such as the number of link views and where those views landed from(for example, traffic sources). Every country gets its remarkable payout rate which can vary because of changes that happen in supply and demand of internet advertising.

best link shortener

Top Ways To Earn Money Online With Shorte.st

  • Link shortening tool: This is the most commonly used tool, which is used to shorten a link by shrinking an original link. You can shorten these links of any youtube videos, or any links to images or hot news and share it on your Facebook pages, Google Plus, Twitter, WhatsApp, or even your own blogs or websites. So, therefore, if you got 1000 visitors for your shortened link then you will get paid up to $10.75(actual rate depends on different countries).

for examplehttp://www.facebook.com (before shrinking)
                           http://sh.st/qDNVg(after shrinking).

  • Mass Shrinker toolSuppose if you have many links to shorten then you can directly use this tool to shorten up to 20 links at a time instead of going 1 on 1.
  • Website Script: Their mass script generator tool is something should not miss since you can generate your own script and you can also view your revenues you made using their statistics(see below).
  • Statistics: You can analyze your clicks, revenue generated with so many filter options.

shorte.st review statistics

  • WordPress Plugin: If you are a WordPress blogger then you can make use of their handy plugin. Do everything or anything without going to their website. Hmm, that’s an interesting part…
  • Website monetizing toolThis is a very useful tool if you are having a blog or website. This tool creates a particular code that you need to paste it into your website or blog. The code will automatically shorten links on your website. Even you can further modify the links which you want to make shorter or monetize. Some of them are included, exclude, entry and exit script, and lastly bounce rate monetization.
  • Social share widget: This tool is used to add social sharing buttons to your blog or website. This will help you to earn money whenever you or someone else share your page.
  • Blogspot monetization tool: If you are a person who comments a lot then this tool may be helpful. It works in such a way that if anyone or you post a link in your comment section of your blog then it will monetize by this tool and will boost your income.
  • Referral systemThere is an additional way of earning on this site which is called as a referral program. They will provide you a unique referral ID(only for you) or banners which can be placed on your own site or blog.

For example: If anyone clicks the banner or referral ID and register under your ID, then they will be your referrals and you will get 20% of what they earn as a commission.

What You Must Remeber When You Became A Member Of Shorte.st ?

  • This is not a quick rich scheme or you won’t be getting a four-digit income from this site monthly.
  • There is no fixed rate avail because rates may vary with the need of advertiser. But still, you can earn between &7-$11.

Note: Try to get some traffic from the United States and from Australia as they are paying high rates for these visitors.

shorte.st review payouts

  • If your traffic/visitors/readers are from India, Brazil, Russia then you will be earning between $1 to $2 which is very low as compared to the US & Other countries.
  • They won’t allow multiple accounts i.e, two accounts are not allowed to create on a same computer or laptop. All those accounts will be permanently blocked.
  • Payments are done through PayPal, Payoneer and Web money.

Note: Payments through Payoneer are received only when an invitation link is accepted which is send by Shorte.st to any payees E-mail address.

  • Payments are made before 10th of every month. So make sure you have met all the requirements to get a payment such as complete your profile, reach minimum payout, etc.
  • The minimum payout of Paypal is $5, Payoneer $20 and for Web money is also $5.

Shorte.st Review: Pros & Cons

Yes comparing to Shorte’s alternatives like SafeLinkConverter(read full review) there are many pros and few cons to discuss with. Let us bullet it out one by one:


  • Well established and popular site within a short period of time.
  • One of the best link shortener in the world with outstanding monetizing tools.
  • Earn high as a part time income even without a blog or website.
  • You don’t have to wait till the time to get approved.
  • Offers high commission rates as well.
  • WordPress plugin made very simple for WordPress bloggers to shrink and earn easily.
  • 90% of positive comments and proved trustworthy.
  • You can work with them anytime and anywhere.
  • Introduced Popup ads to drive more income to video blogs.

best link shortener


  • Can’t share through Facebook.
  • It may reduce Blog or website traffic if you are adding too much of pop ads in your blog or websites.

Shorte.st Total Score & Rankings

Website Name: www.shorte.st

Trust Score:  90/100

Alexa Rank:  13475 (globally)

Domain Authority: 47 (Good)

Now let us calculates its final score based on my findings.

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Yes, of course, you should. While competing with other URL services like AdFly, Shorte.st really gains some trust in terms of proper payments and quality service as an ad monetization tool for many. Therefore nothing wrong in trying this out at least once. And feel the power of it. Want to try ? Do it below….

Start your earnings now….

shorte.st review signup

For bloggers, I recommend staying from this will be the best or else keep 3 or 4 of their links. That’s it!!!

According to the majority of positive comments, a number of years in online and from my personal experience we can conclude that this site is totally safe to use and best link shortener in order to fill your pockets. And also keep in mind that the income from this site for every user may vary as it depends on how they are promoting their links(He/She with a blog or website can earn more).


Thanks for reading my whole Shorte.st review i.e, about one of the best link shorteners that are available in the online market for free to join. So try once and enjoy the tools.!!!!

Would you like to read about Bitly.com ? – one of the alternatives of Shorte.st.

Read the full review here about Bitly URL shortener and other services it offers.


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5 thoughts on “Shorte.st Review – Best Link Shortener That Pays !!!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hello. Thank you for showing us this link shortening service. Going on your recommendation, this looks like a pretty good way of earning some extra cash from our websites. But could I ask a question?

    Do you get paid from this site just for using the link shortening service or do the visitors need to take some kind of action, like clicking on an add or something before you get paid?

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hello, Andrews,

      Thanks for reading my whole review. Am not using this link shortener service on my blog since as I mentioned Google doesn’t like it especially when we are applying for AdSense but I am using it on my video blog which I earned $128 up to date. What I did was I just shared the link using Shorte and I used, pop-up ads to my video blog as well.

      Visitors don’t have to go for any actions but I don’t recommend to normal blogs as it will take your visitors away from your blog but for sharing video blogs it works nicely.

      Just try it. once you start trying it then you will understand what method will benefit you more.

      Hope it helped


  2. This is Really Very Impressive Blog I have seen Best Link Shortener Website but this blog is very Nice and informative for me.

  3. Tayach says:

    I find that the only problem with its services is that you must have many visits, so why not redirect these visits to our offer?

    1. Sorry didn’t get you ? Can you please elaborate your point.

      Waiting for your humble response


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