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AdBlade Review : Is It Any Good For Publishers ?

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is AdBlade.com ? – Adblade review in detail.

-> How Does It Work For A Publisher ? – Full Report.

-> How Does It Work For An Advertiser ? – A Video Walkthrough.

-> What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using It For Both ?

-> Trust Score And Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

adblade review

Are you a publisher ? Do you have enough traffic to your blogs ? Not satisfied with other ad networks ?

Looking for a premium ad service which will be worth according to your standards ?

Here is the best solution what I found….

So, What Is AdBlade.com All About ?Best In Class Premium Ad Network For Publishers !!!

AdBlade is the largest content-style ad program on the web. It is considered to be one of the safest & top 25 ad platforms in the world. It makes advertisers job easier by enabling them to access over 300 million monthly users with an assurance of brand safety and it also allows any reputed publishers to monetize their site for an additional income with their premium services.

It is a division of Adiant group, a digital media company launched in 2008, delivers innovative proprietary ad units through well selected top level publishers and the unique features that powers advertisers branding and direct response campaigns in order to succeed in an online crowded marketplace. It also uses latest premium optimization technology for better ROI conversions.

How Does AdBlade Work For Advertisers ?

As an advertiser, you can enjoy all the verticals accepted by them, however, they have confinements on the quality of the content. This is because they don’t want to send their users to any skinny sites, affiliate sites or even to any unauthorized sites like gambling, amateur sites, etc…Therefore, it is very clear that they are very strict and they will only consider high-quality blogs & genuine businesses.


Ad Formats Available For Advertising

There are different types of ads in different sizes to choose from. Here some of them:

  1. Newsbullet ads.
  2. Half page ads.
  3. Display banners.
  4. Mobile & Video ads.
  5. Custom ads

The Ad Models Offered For Advertisers

  1. CPC ( Cost-Per-Click )
  2. CPM ( Cost-Per-Thousand views )

Advertisers Mode Of Deposit & Payments

For all the self-serve advertisers, the minimum amount to deposit is $50 in order to get started and the payment for all your ad campaigns depends on bidding. For CPC campaigns, the minimum bid is $0.35 and for PPC it is $1. You can pay using credit cards or either by wire transfer.

Note: Some countries like India is restricted from using credit cards, therefore only wire transactions are allowed for the initial deposit.

Pros & Cons In The Case Of An Advertiser

As a versatile in ad network platform, it achieves lots of successful campaigns and still winning the market. There are many advantages of using it, however, let us also observe is there any negative aspects regarding this as well.


  • Ads show only on branded sites like Yahoo, Esquire, BusinessWeek, etc…
  • Launch campaigns at a larger scale.
  • Getting monthly unique users of over 300 million.
  • Offers a world class protection for brand safety.
  • Also offers geo-targeting, retargeting on all types of ad units.
  • Get a detailed summary of how your ads are performing on publisher sites.
  • Best customer supports in every stage of campaigns.


  • Terms and conditions are pretty very strict to maintain & to follow as well.

How Does AdBlade Work For Publishers ?

As a publisher, you have to undergo their strict verification process in order to get your site/blog approval. Surely, your blog/site should receive a minimum of 5,00,000 monthly page views to join their publisher programs. Their team runs a deep test before approving and they won’t accept sites containing posts of gambling, alcohol, adult and warez. Only high authority sites are getting approved easily.


adblade review and what is adblade all about

The Ad Models Offered For Publishers

  1. CPM (Cost-Per-1000 Impressions)
  2. CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
  3. CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

Publishers Mode Of  Payment Withdrawal 

If you are getting traffic from American countries and European countries then CPA, CPC and CPM rates will be higher and they will pay you on a Net-30 basis. The minimum threshold is $100 and pays through PayPal or by Wire transfer. You should also require submitting your tax verification details even if you are not an American company or citizen.

Pros & Cons In The Case Of A Publisher

There are many things to point out for being a publisher as well. Let us assume whether it is a good option to join as a publisher.


  • Their rates for eCPM & CPC are quite high when compared to other networks.
  • The quality of ads are very relevant and not like any spammy ads.
  • Custom build ads have made publishers work much easier.
  • Higher payouts for the ad views & clicks if your traffic is from US, UK, Australia & Europe.
  • Runs well with other networking sites like Google AdSense.
  • Generates real-time reports and statistics.
  • Customer support is available.


  • Low payouts for the traffic from Asian countries.
  • Very hard to get approved for their publisher programs.
  • This program won’t work for publishers with less traffic.

 Adblade Review: Total Scores & Rankings

Website Name: www.adblade.com

Trust Score:  96/100

Alexa Rank:  39,250 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 56 (Not Bad)

Conclusion: To Whom It Suits More ? Publisher Or Advertiser ?

According to me, I will recommend Adblade services as a publisher only to the pro bloggers who have more than a million page views per month since bloggers with low traffic won’t make from this anything for sure. Therefore, I don’t feel like this is the perfect place for them and it is better for whom to earn more who has high authority and traffic or else just stay away from this.

But for an advertiser, in every aspect, this is one of the best solutions to double your visibility in branding and to boost your traffic up to an extreme level because the company already have 1000+ premium publishers which also includes companies like Yahoo, Entrepreneur, ABC News, Bloomberg, etc… Their monetization techniques are highly valuable and non-comprising.


Thank you for finding time to read my whole article !!! 

I Hope you enjoyed my AdBlade review and understood what is it all about now.

Would you like to know which platform works well for a publisher to earn ?

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Still have doubts to clear off ? shoot it down as a comment, I can assist you anytime. Or do you have any personal experience working with it ? I would also like to hear from you. 

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11 thoughts on “AdBlade Review : Is It Any Good For Publishers ?

  1. Steven says:

    You mention they won’t touch affiliates sites, is there a reason behind this?

    Only curious as there is much good content within affiliate sites and there is so many out there.

    I run my own affiliate site and don’t like google’s format much what other programme is out there for affiliates?

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Steven

      I didn’t mention they won’t accept any affiliate site with high traffic instead I just meant that they won’t accept any site with less traffic. In order to earn we need some huge traffic when applying of premium ad networks like AdBlade.

      Best regards


  2. Wil says:

    Great article. At first I thought this may be something I can sign up for currently. Now I see that’ll have to wait and get my monthly user’s up first. Thank you for the information. Quick question: You said for publishers that they would need to get their monthly visitors up to “5,00,000”. Did you mean 5,000,000 or 500,000. Would be great to know.

    1. Arjun T.U says:


      Thanks for reading my article.

      Actually what they are suggesting is 5 million unique visitors per month but just fill out the form to see other choices from them for a publisher. Am sure you will love it.

      Hope you enjoyed it.


  3. shaon says:

    Adblade do not pay and nor reply to email. I think is a scam.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Ow. So sad to hear that. Can you please elaborate or can u please give more info regarding this ?

  4. anon-omous says:

    Many of these content rec companies do not pay if you perpetrate fraudulent traffic….

    1. Hi

      You pointed out a good thing. Thanks for letting us know.


  5. Hello,
    great review about Adblade. Thanks for sharing.😄

  6. killey says:

    how i use that network?

    1. Hi Killey,

      If you have a decent traffic just apply to them as a publisher. They will send you an approval notice if you are eligible for putting ads.
      Hope it helps.


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