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What Is Amazon Affiliate Program & Their API Services ? – Full Review

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is Amazon Affiliate Program ? – Introduction

-> What Is Amazon Product Advertising API ?

-> Registration Procedures & Commission Structure.

-> How To Double Your Income from It ?

-> Points To Remember When You Became A Member.

-> Why Their Affiliate Program Became The Best : Pros & Cons.

-> Trust Score & Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should Every Blogger Try It ?

We all know Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace. Today, their transparency, reliability, brand popularity, etc..has made many bloggers and big companies to use and sell their products online using their best affiliate program. Let us discuss more in detail.

So, What Is Amazon Affiliate Program ? – World’s Favourite Online Monetization Service !!! 

Both Amazon Affiliate Program and Amazon Associates are same, please don’t get any confuse on them first of all. As we all know Amazon is the best and largest e-commerce site which having a huge reputation globally and running their affiliate program successfully over more than twelve countries. You can really make a full-time income only if you know how to convert your visitors into buyers.

Amazon associates, a free affiliate marketing program designed for bloggers and webmasters to build links and earn through referrals when customers click through and buy any products from their marketplace. It is considered to be the world’s most successful and popular affiliate program in terms of reputation, high trustiness, good customer experiences because of its high conversion rate and decent commission rates.


Amazon Product Advertising API Overview

Formerly known as Amazon E-commerce Service, is a web service which gives automatic access to Amazon’s item selection. It helps every online marketer, bloggers to promote it’s products using product search & information and features like user based reviews, wish lists and more. Not only that, it also

How To Do The Registration Process ?

Once you have a partially developed website with almost 100 visitors a day then you can surely register your site with Amazon Associates for their best commission platform for affiliate marketing among the world.

Note: Your blog or website should need an affiliate disclaimer or a privacy policy page in order to participate in this affiliate program or else they will reject your request.

If you are an Amazon customer and you have an account then you can use same e-mail ID and password for registering with its affiliate program to join. Or else just register with a new email-ID and password. After registration, they will inspect your blog or website and within 48 hours they will either accept or reject it( they will reject it if and only if blog content is less or any important pages you may be missed out to add what I mentioned earlier).

If they accepted it they will send a notification to your e-mail ID including your unique registration number, login details(mine it was like rootofincome-21).

Note: you can access API services later from your dashboard when your account got verified

How Amazon’s Commission Structure Works ?

Presently, this affiliate program is having two different commission plans such as fixed rates and volume-based rates. For some categories of product, the rate of commission you received may constant whereas for other categories it may vary( as shown in the below image).

what is amazon affiliate program

For example, if you are promoting an electronic product like laptops and it is priced around $500 and once you got a sale then you will get a commission of $20(remember commission rate for electronic items are fixed to 4%).

Note: The rate for volume based item commission resets toward the start of every month.

New Update: You can earn 12% of commission for apparel and clothes.

Best Ways To Double Your Income With Amazon Affiliate Program

So what is it’s best ways of monetization in order to earn more money from it. There are many ways you can make this possible and they are as follows:

Content Selection Is Crucial: Try to promote product related reviews on your blog and place text links or clickable images directing to Amazon for better outcomes of earnings.

Building A Powerful E-mail List: Create your list and send on holidays to bring better conversions and I recommend GetResponse for e-mail marketing.

Promote Products More On Holidays: It runs better seasonal sales so that you can earn more income on Black Fridays or on Cyber Mondays.

Try Selling Inexpensive Products To Boost your High Priced Product Payouts: This is because if inexpensive products can generate sales in larger quantities.

Best WordPress Plugin Designed For Amazon Associates: I suggest EasyAzon plugin if you have multiple tracking ID and want to track your earnings more easily.

Focus More On Conversion Rate Optimization: You can cut short your bounce rate and bring down your cookie and also make sure that you are sending right products to the right people to increase your sales.

Move Your Readers To Amazon As Quickly As Possible: A normal affiliate earns a commission on a 60/40 split between a client purchasing an item through an immediate link. This implies around 40% of your affiliate income are through inadvertent item referrals.

Usage Of Special Programmes Offered By this Affiliate Program: There are programs like Products Advertising API to promote Amazon products in order to monetize your blog or site and Kindle for associates in which you can promote Kindle on your blog and 10% of commission when they purchase it.

Why Their Affiliate Program Became The Best ?

what is amazon affiliate program

There are several reasons why it is still unbeatable for its affiliate program. Some of their key advantages over others are:

  • Amazon is well established and most trusted e-commerce site in the world.
  • Having a high potential for converting its visitors into customers with an inventory of millions of products to choose from.
  • It has a layered commission structured so scaling is as of now set up.
  • It is a stable and steady organization so there are no worries about not being paid commissions.
  • It provides some great tools and widgets to offer you some assistance with integrating the business channel into your site.
  • It has better tracking tools to track your links and to track your visitor’s behavior as well, so that if your visitor buys any product within 24hrs of time also you will get paid.
  • Experience most reliable customer support.
  • Surprises may happen- If your visitor visits Amazon from your link and he/she bought two or three products at a time then also you will get commission on those products as well or If you directs your visitor to buy a screen guard but later on, his/her mind changes and decided to buy a mobile phone even for that also you will be paid.

Few Cons

  • Low commission structure starting at 4%.
  • Tracking cookies show their presence only up to 24 hours.

Things To Consider Once You Start Your Affiliate Career With It 

There are some situations you must understand before you start linking the products to your blog or website and they are:

  • If you are not making any sales within three months then your affiliate account will get suspended automatically.
  • You are not allowed to shorten your affiliate links to promote in any of social medias like facebook but you can use it on Twitter by using link shortening services like Shorte.st.
  • You are not supposed to add affiliate links to any of your e-books.
  • You are not allowed to buy any Amazon products from your own affiliate links, all those things will be considered as malpractices by them and will get terminated.

 Total Score & Rankings

 Trust score:  99/100

Alexa rank:  7 (globally)

Domain Authority: 98/100

Sign Up Here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Many successful happy affiliates and still counting which mean prosperity of Amazon Affiliate Programming is dramatically increasing year by year along with their millions of worthy products which make it a complete transparent affiliate program apart from others and make sure to integrate API as well.

Therefore, in every respect, I highly recommend this everyone especially to new bloggers who wants to promote and earn through affiliate marketing. I can assure that this can change your life if you know the correct way to promote their products. So believe in your confidence and move forward because success is waiting for you ahead.



 Is that possible to provide geo-location targeting if a particular blog is located in USA and traffic is from the UK ?

Yes. I mentioned a plugin called EasyAzon in between my review, it can do it easily. EasyAzon just shows Amazon.uk affiliate links if a visitor comes from UK and Amazon.com affiliate links if a visitor comes from the US.

What is the current payment method to its affiliates ?

You can ask as in the form of an Amazon gift card coupons or direct deposit to your bank account.

Tip: For-profit, not your residential nation, you will be paid with a check. To evade from paying bank charges for getting the money for remote checks frequently, increase your minimum payout edge.

What kind of products should I promote, through my blog ?

Always stick to your niche related products since there are high chances of conversion if there is a review based on any Amazon products.

Which ad type will be more effective- text links, banner or widgets ?

The easiest way is the banner ad types but it is less effective for converting and what I prefer most is text links which you can integrate into a line of text in your post or page.

Finally, you made it!!!

Thanks for reading my article about what is Amazon Affiliate Program and how it works perfectly for bloggers in order to earn a six figure income with this wonderful affiliate marketing technique.

Do yo want to read my other honest reviews ? Just go through this: Peerfly Review – Is it The Best CPA ad Network ?

Any more doubts to clear from my side. Please do it below!!!

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10 thoughts on “What Is Amazon Affiliate Program & Their API Services ? – Full Review

  1. Neil says:

    I have heard that the Amazon affiliate program can be highly rewarding for people seeking money online 🙂

    Amazon has always been appealing to me, so your review has been most helpful in teaching me about the Associates program and also the different ways I can make money on the internet from it.

    I will definitely sign up to Amazon using your link!

    Thanks You!

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Neil

      Thanks for showing a wonderful patience to read my article. Yes Amazon associate is considered to be one of the best affiliate marketing service out there. You can easily create an account with it but my advice you better join after getting some good amount of traffic so that you can generate your first commission within two to three days.



  2. coughlanmaureen says:

    This is an excellent review of the Amazon affiliate programme!
    I bookmarked this page to read again later as I found it very helpful.
    You did a very thorough job and explained in great detail all the positive aspects of the Amazon programme.
    Also you mentioned the procedures which are not allowed in Amazon like not using your own Amazon links to buy products as this is disallowed!

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi friend ,

      So glad to hear that. When stuck with doubts please come back and drop me a message.


  3. Ashley says:

    One of my goals for my website is to become an affiliate for amazon. So this information was extremely helpful for me. Learning what my website or my blog need in order to participate was wonderful. Great tips on the best way to double your income too. Elaborating on why amazon affiliate program is the best was very helpful as well. I find it great to know that there’s plenty of successful and happy affiliates out there.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Ashley

      Thanks for your deep reading about Amazon Affiliate Program and I hope you enjoyed it. Yes, you are right there quite plenty of success people who is earning even only from amazon affiliates. So my advice is to join as soon as possible once you achieve daily page views of 30 to 50 and put your reviews to call to action mode and enjoy maximum revenues from it.



  4. Vaibhav says:

    Hello Arjun

    Thanks for a wonderful review about Amazon affiliate program, even I just wondering what is Amazon affiliate program and how does it work. Your post really finds a helpful resource to me. Keep up the good work!!!

    Your truly

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Vaibhav

      Glad to hear from you. I hope you really enjoyed my review of Amazon affiliate program.

      Thank you


  5. Akseli says:

    The volume-based rates don’t exist no more. Nowadays, it’s just fixed rate, although the rate varies based on category. Computers, for example, were dropped from 4% to 2.5%. Overall, this change hardly helps anybody to make more money than before. A good reminder not to put all of your eggs in one basket. I try to diversify my income with my latest project #http://shoppingsuggest.com/ and its blog.

    1. Hi,

      That is really a good info. Thanks a lot for passing such a valuable point.



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