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Freedcamp Review: Does It Really Made Project Management Easier ?

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What is Freedcamp.com all about ?- A detailed Freedcamp review.

-> Is It Free & worth using for project management ?

-> What are its key features and additional features ?

-> Pricing and additional charges

-> What is its signup procedure and how to use the software?

-> Pros and cons – From users experience

-> Rankings and trust score

-> Conclusion: Should we try it ?

Since many years the web has been lacking on a tool or software that provides a solution for a free project management, especially for smaller businesses, students, teachers, startups, or for those who just want to collaborate their ideas.

So, What Is FreedCamp.com All About ?A Worthy Project Management Tool For All Users !!!

Freedcamp is a collaboration platform for social work that emphasizes the management of the project. It offers the functionality of project management for free of charge for most of its functions for unlimited projects and users. In addition, it provides you with applications to improve the flow of your work through an ever growing marketplace. The free accounts currently are limited to only 200mb storage and a file size limit of 10mb.

Freedcamp was launched back in 2010 in Santa Barbara, California founded by Angel Grablev. However, it provides all its paid features free to teachers, students, and non-profits. You can add various components that you require like milestones, tasks, time tracking, discussions, and much more when you start creating a project through it. And it is also considered to be one of the free alternatives to basecamp project management tool.

Is FreedCamp Free, Affordable & Worth  For Project Management ?Yes, It Really Meet The Needs !!!

The services that this company provides are worth comparing them with the other management tools available in the market. You will find that most of the services or applications in the Freedcamp are free of cost compared to others and provides an easy user interface and is simple to use. You can use it anywhere you want and it works well in most of the browsers for a good structuring of the work. It offers you more advanced features compared to the other similar software that is enough to compare it with the others in the market.

FreedCamp Project Management Tool Features


what is freedcamp review

Check out the list of key features of what they offering and never miss their additional features too.

Key Features

  • Group task and individual assignment that allows the team members to assign the tasks based on the due date and prioritize them.
  • To-do list: The forum for a group discussion that provides threaded entry.
  •  Set your deadlines and keep all your work and projects on the track.
  • Live tracking of time and creation of invoice.
  •  Online storage management.
  •  File sharing.
  •  Houses unlimited number of users and projects
  • Innovative management of the tasks through the Freedcamp to-do lists.
  • Provides migration tools that make it easy to import the information from the existing solutions of project management.
  • Completely free for anyone.
  •  Use it anytime and anywhere.
  •  Provides a Meebo chat bar that offers live messenger, Gtalk, and much more.

Additional Features

  • Calendar and project template for a traditional management of projects.
  • Management of tasks includes an addition of recurring tasks and task history.
  • Provides messaging and instant messaging.
  • Management of documents.
  • Notifications through emails and SMS.
  • Provides RSS feed.

Pricing & Other Charges

Signing up for a basic plan is free on Freedcamp for users. And there are plenty of free applications for your basic plan. Following image shows what all applications you are allowed to use for your free plan.


freedcamp review

At the same time, for those who are not satisfied with their free plans can easily go for up gradation packages by trying out any of their subscription plans for free trial periods(14 days). You don’t have to reveal your credit card details for trials. See below how FreedCamp priced their plans:

freedcamp pricing review

The Free Plan comes with the best basic plan with free Add-ons. They include 10mb File Upload Size, Shared file management, Unlimited storage, Unlimited users & projects, Webinars, Support response within 3 days guaranteed. The free Add-ons like discussion boards, time tracking, calendar with Google integration, passwords manager, time tracking, messaging board, team milestones, and personal task manager.

Their Lite Plan offers all the free Add-ons and features what free plan have. Plus you will also get 25mb of File Upload Size against 10mb of free plan, Subtasks, Read-only guest access, Support response within 2 days. Apart from the free Add-ons, you can also access few premium Add-ons like  Google drive integration and subtasks pro.

Business Plan offers all the free Add-ons and features what Lite plan have. Plus you will also get 100mb of File Upload Size against 25mb of Lite plan, Dedicated onboarding session and Support response within a day guaranteed. You can also enjoy premium Add-ons like Google drive integration, subtasks pro, CRM, Invoice, Project templates, Wiki, File edit, Issue tracker, Weekly data backups.

For Enterprise Plan you can enjoy all free add-ons and all premium add-ons plus 250mb of File Upload Size with daily backup facility, Personalized migration assistance, Dedicated success manager with on-call sessions, White label & 99.9% Uptime, Intrusion detection & SELinux on all servers, Centralized user provisioning & deprovisioning, and Support response within hours. You can also contact them for other optional features come up with this plan.

FreedCamp Review: Signup Procedure To Follow

Confused about the signup procedure or unaware of it ? Here is the simple method that will guide you on how to register yourself in it. Follow these simple steps carefully and you will go through the procedure easily.


1. Open the website Freedcamp.com on your browser and click on the icon “Register” on the top right corner of your page.

2. Enter the email address with the one you want to register.

3. Enter your first and last name as required in the boxes.

4. Enter a preferred and strong password.

5. Click on the “Signup” button after you have correctly entered your details.


1. You can also signup using your social account.

2. You can select from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

3. Select the account through which you want to log in.

4. Click on the “Allow” button.

By following any of these two methods you can easily signup for free account forever.

Pros & Cons Of FreedCamp From Users Experiences !!!

As the best and cost-effective competitor to other project management tools like Basecamp, Redbooth, etc… it has to face so many pros and cons. Let us bullet it out one by one.


  • All the activities are displayed at once through the dashboard.
  • Easy to use and is accessible anywhere.
  • Helps you to stay focused through milestones.
  • Helps you to identify your priorities and tasks.
  • A fun filled IOS app to make your works much simpler.
  • You can link your tasks and the subtasks to obtain a full view of your progress.
  • If you use your Google account, you can sync your project calendar with your Google calendar and utilize the space of your Google Drive. This will be a good option to collaborate your documents.


  • Gantt charts are not provided.
  • Lacks clear product backlog.
  • User permissions cannot be set.
  • Customization is lacking.

Overall Rankings & Trust Score ?

Website Url: www.freedcamp.com

Trust Score: 90/100

Alexa rank:  14,868 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 47 (Pretty Good)

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

Overall Freedcamp is good software for managing and keeping your tasks and for organizing projects. There are no such particular demerits about Freedcamp and you can start with a free account and later upgrade it if you wish to. I strongly recommend it to freelancers, individuals like bloggers & webmasters, non-profits.

FreedCamp also provides you with outstanding budget management, collaboration, task and project management, and much more that is perfect for running businesses. It offers various solutions for the project management and ranks about average.

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2 thoughts on “Freedcamp Review: Does It Really Made Project Management Easier ?

  1. Cole says:

    My friend just recommended freedcamp to me the other day. How long have you been using it for? I like that it organizes your work into tasks and milestones and allows you to track progress and prioritiez. I am interested mainly because organization is not my strong point lol. Have you found that this has improved your success in managing different projects? I think that the price looks fairly reasonable. I think that for anyone that is new to online marketing or business it can be daunting to organize yourself productively. This is definitely something I am going to look further into.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Cole

      As a free management tool, Freedcamp is very good startup to hangup with. Therefore as a free tool I am completely satisfied but comparing its paid alternatives this won’t be enough, still its services are very valuable. So, if you are much enough with their features go for it or else go for any paid services.

      Hope you got my point


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