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What Is Logomakr.com – Review Of A Free Logo Creater

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is Logomakr.com ? – Detailed Introduction

-> Is Logomakr.com Is Worth Enough For Free Logo Making  ?

-> How Does It Work And How Accurate It Is  ?

-> Important Features Of It.

-> Pricing Chart – See below

-> What Are Its Pros & Cons ?

-> Total Score Accquired.

-> Conclusion: Should We Use It ?

Looking for a free and editable logo maker ?

Then you are in the correct place. Read my complete review of Logomakr and see whether it meet your requirements.

So, What Is LogoMakr.com ?Best In Class Free Logo Making Service Provider For All Beginners To Professionals !!!

Logomakr is a free online logo maker tool owned by Tyler Moore of ConutantGroup which is designed for bloggers, logo editors, and for all other online designers which having an authority to generate business related logos. The complete editing tool really makes a job of professional much simpler and also gives a free access to download all your custom built logos even without a signup procedure. Therefore, now let us discuss how it works and how reliable it is.

Is LogoMakr Safe And Worth ?Yes, It Is Safe To Use & Worth For Beginners & Professionals Too  !!!

As far as now I don’t have any disappointments regarding this tool. While using this tool I can feel the reliability, safeness, and a much worthy free tool for any type of logo making. You can design or even edit any forms, shapes, fonts, etc..according to your own taste. All you may need is a little practice when started with it.

How Do Logomakr Works For Free & As A Paid Version ?

Yes as like I said before anyone can make, add or even design their own professional logos within a couple of minutes if you know how to utilise it even for free and without a signup. There are two ways it will work – one is a free version in which you have to do everything on your own along with some restrictions like copy credits and only low-quality logos can be downloaded. When it comes to paid version, editing part will be same but you will be eligible to download high-quality images along with copyright ownership.


Firstly choose or find a design for yourself by browsing LogoMakr’s huge collection of stock images that is already there. By choosing, it can understand the taste of your desired logo how it should look like and exactly what you are expecting.

Secondly, they will take all your details in depth about what is required in your logo such as colour scheme, shape, size, etc…So that if you can give more info then the outcome will be more professional than what you expect.

After providing them with all your details then they will start working on it and if they stuck with any doubts they will contact you through emails.

Thereafter they will send you some design proofs and your job is to finalize which logo will suit your business more. Even if you want you can ask for any further updates, small changes, etc…

Once they were done they will send you a couple of revised designs and you can also give further feedback if required.

Note: This feature is not available anymore as they removed it from their website.



what is logomakr

We can look into it by separating both as a free tool and a paid tool :


  • Free logo making tool.
  • Very responsive.
  • Tons of free icons to choose from.
  • Hundreds of fonts to explore.


  • Original & professional Logo Art.
  • Veteran designers.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Full vector size logo.
  • Copyright ownership for final designs.

Note: This feature is not available anymore as they removed it from their website.

Pricing Chart 

Their free plan comes with limitations(see the image below) and for a paid version it will cost you around $19 for making one single professional logo. You can use both credit card or debit card for all the transactions.

logomakr review pricing chart

Note: Every payment is well secured and they also guarantee a 100% refund for all purchases you made.

The Pros & Cons Of LogoMakr

Considering other competitors like LogoGarden.com, CoolText.com, etc… this tool really helpful in many ways and holds enough benefits to compete with others. However, let us now find out what are its pros and few cons if any as well.


  • No signup is required to built a logo.
  • Using its free tool you can also add prebuilt images or logos to create something more custom.
  • Editing tool really powered with most advanced features.
  • You can easily save your logos after editing or making in the form PNG or any.
  • Fully functional customer support.


  • Free editing tool lacks bit professionalism while editing the logos.
  • Low-quality logos are only available, if you are trying to download a freely edited logo.

What Is Logomakr’s Total Score ? – From My Experience

Website Name: www.logomakr.com (My Blog’s Logo is done by me using their tool)

Conclusion: Should We Go For It ?

Yes, you should try it once and find out what it offers you. The possibilities available with Logomakr.com are really endless and it will be decent if you don’t want to go for unnecessary colours. The site’s overall profit went up to a gross of $4,54,320/year in an estimate valuation which means that its pro version is quite popular and customers are much satisfied so far. We can conclude by saying it already proved their efficiency in this field in every manner.

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Thank you for your valuable time for reading my review about what is logomakr.com and I hope you understood why it is famous among professionals.

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If you have any personal experiences or any doubts regarding what we discussed above please comment below. I will be here to assist you out with anything.

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