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Peerfly Review: Is It A Worth CPA Ad Network ?

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is Peerfly.com ? – Detailed PeerFly Review.

-> Is It Worth Enough For Both Publishers & Advertisers ? – Read my report

-> How Does It Work For An Advertiser ?

-> How Does It Work For A Publisher ?

-> What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using It ?

-> Trust Score And Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

How many of you like CPA based ads ? How many how of you wants to earn an extra income with it ?

If someone asks me which will be the best CPA ad networks then I strongly suggest them Peerfly. If you never heard about them then please seriously read my review of Peerfly because those who knows how to execute then they gonna make some bucks from here.

Note: CPA ad network isn’t for beginners according to me since the industry they serve is highly competitive.

So, What Is PeerFly.com All About ? It Is Considered To Be The Fastest Growing Affiliate Network In The World !!!

Peerfly is based on the pay per action associated with an advertising network or a type of cost-per- action (CPA) based affiliate ad network. They accept Publishers and Advertisers from all countries over the globe. It has thousands of well-known Advertisers such as Colombia House, Netflix, Dish Network, Bidz.com, Proactive, eBay, Stamps.com, Game Fly and other renowned companies that publishers can pick to advertise as an affiliate marketer.

It is ranked one amongst the most popular CPA Networks. What it really offers like you can discover best-rated CPA affiliate programs from CPA affiliate networks like Peerfly at OfferVault.com. There they give you all the compulsory affiliate marketing tools which will make you the most money out of it, saving the time and energy for you.


what is peerfly review offers

 Is Peerfly Worth Enough For Both Publishers & Advertisers ? 

According to existing users, It is recommended for only publishers since advertisers get ads only for particular countries. It also takes a long time to become successful and start earning money. It is thus actually beneficial for experienced people rather than those who are just starting out in their career.

But from my experience, I can say that It is a site where advertisers and publishers are put together for the shared benefit of both. Presently, it has thousands of publishers from all over the world and is getting counted more each day. It doesn’t use link trust, direct track or any third party policy. This allows you to make features on the basis of their publisher’s need. By using it, advertisers can enjoy few of the greatest rates in the industry with low minimums. And yes, of course, it is more useful for publishers. I admit!!! Read further….

In fact, Peerfly presently enjoys a complete network conversion rate of 5.96%. It provides complete customer support and service along with a full testing platform, meaning that you will know if a campaign is going to be working for you or if you need to improve it a little bit. It is 100% SPAM compliant and they also have anti-fraud solutions in place to ensure that you are getting the traffic you have paid for.

How Does Peerfly Work For An Advertiser ?

If any advertiser who wants to sell or advertise or spread the word about any product or services then Peerfly can leverage affiliate partnerships to boost sales, traffic, leads, registrations, etc…They work with advertisers perfectly and makes sure that they receive service with a great personal touch.

How Does Peerfly Work For A Publisher ?

The publishers can also promote products and services that the advertisers wants to sell. The famous companies that the advertisers and publishers promote are e-bay, Netflix and DiGi network. To receive or earn huge money, you must be a verified Publisher. This process contains filling out your tax information, marketing habits, and website information.

Peerfly mostly provides E-mail and Zip-based campaigns to their publishers. Publishers can pick a wide-range of categories from business to software downloads. Apart from affiliate income, publishers can also make additional money by referring others. Publishers also have the opportunity to earn a 5% commission from all publishers that you refer to the website.

The excellent thing about Peerfly is that the publishers can work together with their affiliate managers through Email, phone chat and skype. Additionally, their valuable forum definitely helps their publishers in selecting the best campaigns, learning the enhancement techniques and strategies related to trafficking.

Peerfly Review: Pros & Cons From Users Viewpoint


peerfly review

Peerfly offers hundreds and hundreds of ads. There is an exceptional support from their team as well. You can also read more user reviews from GlassDoor.


For publishers, it is advantageous due to the following reasons.

  • Peerfly provides a custom tracking platform.
  • It offers guaranteed top payouts.
  • Enhanced options for Payment.
  • There are around 2000 live offers that are available for publishers.
  • Offers reward programs and contests.
  • There are free training tools that the publisher is given.
  • Their publishers are often offered high paying campaigns.

For advertisers, Peerfly is beneficial for the following reasons.

  • There are flat rate sales for the advertisers.
  • About 1 billion clicks & over 6 million conversions.
  • The advertisers will get 70k+ active publishers in 165 countries.
  • No monthly fees are required for the advertisers to pay.
  • All time fraud detection monitoring facility.
  • There are devoted account managers.
  • Free affiliate training classes and tools.
  • Full–time compliance department.


  • At times only ads are available for certain countries.  Sometimes advertisers only make their ads available in certain countries. Even though some ads are only useful in certain countries, remember that Peerfly provides a big database of ads and advertisers. Thus even if you do come across this problem, it is a con that you can easily work around and solve.
  • Takes a while to become successful: The biggest con – and hardest to solve – is that if you are a novice, it is really hard to find easy success on Peerfly. In fact, it is – unfortunately – perhaps something you should stay away from if you are principally new.
  • Offers pretty high rates and, like most things in the world, the more experienced you are, the more you will end up getting paid.
  • Most of the ex-publishers criticized that Peerfly let them produce a ton of sales up to the date that they were supposed to get paid, and then their accounts were dismissed without paying out a single dime to those publishers.

Payment Procedure

The minimum payout for an active publisher will be $50. You can use any of the following payment gateways such as PayPal, Payoneer, Check, Wire, & Direct deposit. Fresher publisher(affiliate marketer) begin on a Net-30 basis and once you proved your skills, they will pay you on bi-weekly, weekly as well as on the daily basis. You can also earn a referral commission of 5% when your friends join through your link.

Total Trust Score & Rankings

Website Url: www.peerfly.com

Trust Score: 92/100

Alexa rank:  38,775 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 50 (Pretty Good)

Conclusion: Should We Join Here ?

According to me, I will recommend Peerfly for publishers. Advertisers get ads only for particular countries. It also takes a long time to become successful and start earning money. Even in Peerfly more experienced, people are given more importance and they get paid higher. It is thus beneficial for such expert people rather than those who are just starting out in their career. Yes, there is no cash or credit card required to join. Just try it once and see it works well for you or not.


Hope you enjoyed my Peerfly review and I expect you understood what it is and how it works !!!

Before making a decision make sure you read my review of another CPA ad network – RevenueHits ( a worthy alternative )

Please share it and show some love for us. Do you have any experience of using it ? I would like to hear from you. If you have any doubts please let me know by commenting below. 

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2 thoughts on “Peerfly Review: Is It A Worth CPA Ad Network ?

  1. Sarah Alison says:

    Very interesting article about CPA. I read another one yesterday and yours was much more thorough in it’s content.

    One thing that stood out for me was that the font for the subtitles is very hard to read, in fact impossible in some cases, and although your actual paragraphs explain everything really well it does detract a little from the overall flow of the page.

    I really like your star ranking system at the bottom of the page, makes it really easy to see at a glance.

    Do you personally use Peerfly?

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Sarah

      You are welcome and glad to know that the review helped you out. Yes, I tried their CPA network and yes it was bit tough to earn here since AdBlade is a premium service as I mentioned and it is beneficial if and only if your blog/website receives millions of pageviews per month.

      Hope it helped !!!


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