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What Is Varvy.com ? Is It A Worth SEO Tool ? – Full Review

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is Varvy.com ? – Detailed Introduction

-> Is It A Worth SEO Analyzer Tool ? – See My Report

-> What Are Its Key Features ?

-> Pros & Cons. – From User Experiences.

-> Trust Score & Other Rankings.

-> Conclusion: Should we try it ?

What Is Varvy.com All About? Professional SEO Solution Tool !!!

Today I would like to introduce a new trending SEO tool for my readers. But before moving into it, let me ask you a question. How many of you know whether your blog or website follows all the guidelines of Google’s Terms & Conditions ?. Or you may ask, is there any tool to check ? yes, of course, it’s there and most astonishing part is that it is absolutely a free tool as well.

Here is the answer, Varvy SEO tool is the perfect solution and it is shining in this category nowadays. It stands for simplicity, elegant, flexible yet powerful all in one SEO tool which checks your blogs or websites performance on desktop and mobile devices as well and tells you how much your optimal score is, by calculating your sites ups and downs. It also gives bits of advice on how to fix errors if any and pops out if you missed any Google guidelines as I mentioned earlier.


I hope you heard about a great tool FeedTheBot owned by one of the versatile online geeks Patrick Sexton. Yes, FeedTheBot runs successfully for 9 years and the most surprising thing is that Patrick just changed the name from FeedTheBot to Varvy since he feels that small domain names perform better in search engines, it seems. He may be right. What he did has he just transformed the domain and did a great renovation by giving  a new fresh look to his existing site.

Is Varvy A Worth SEO Analyzer Tool ? YES, It Worth Alot !!!

Yes, It is very accurate and produces sufficient results only. At the same time, Patrick doesn’t claim that this tool will produce 100% results but it shows only relevant results. And he also mentioned that it doesn’t imply you are doing completely wrong, but it has the capability to show where you are lost or missing something in your blog or website based on the Google guidelines.

Why am so confident because it helps me very much so far because of its further insights about image optimization, mobile and desktop technological issues, website & blog speed, content optimization, etc…

Check out the mobile test done on it for my blog !!!

what is varvy.com seo tool


Now see the results on how it showing my blog’s problems !!!

what is varvy seo tool

I hope you cleared now how it performs and how worthy it is. Ok, let us discuss the key features that are powering this great tool in the very next session.

What Is Varvy Tool’s Key Features To Contradict Its Alternatives ?

There are many contradicting features can be pointed out to highlight it, but now I feel to bring some catchy features what I found during this 4-month gap from usage.

  • Mobile based SEO optimization test.
  • Desktop based SEO optimization test.
  • PageSpeed Optimization tool.
  • Shows solutions through relevant articles if it finds any errors or missing something.
  • Checks if your site follows Google Webmaster Guidelines for every test.
  • Brings out the average calculated score for every type of test made there.

Other Cool Features

Apart from its key features it also offers the following instruments such as an Address Scheme tool for creating structured data, breadcrumb structured data tool, page request tool for showing the number of required requests for the resources, CSS delivery tool for checking how many CSS files are loaded and also checks whether they are pure files or inline scripts, Gzip Compression test tool, HTTP header checker tool, Social Media tool to count the number of shares of a site’s per social network.

Varvy SEO Tool Review: Pros & Cons From My Personal Experience !!!

So far so good, we have covered almost 1/3rd of now and the most part is that why we need to use it or else what are its  benefits or advantages of using it. Here is the list:


  • An all in one SEO Tool with most advanced features.
  • Surprisingly you can use or test everything for free. No additional charges.
  • Lists a plenty of background information after a particular test were made.
  • Extremely light weight and best in class user interface navigations.
  • A bunch of articles for understanding how to remove your site related problems.
  • Can be get benefitted for both new bloggers as well as pro bloggers.


  •  The absence of customer supports.

What Is Varvy Tool’s Overall Total Score & Rankings ?

Website URL: www.varvy.com

Trust score: 98/100

Alexa rank: 22799 (Globally)

Domain Authority: 58 (Pretty Good)

Conclusion: Should We Try It ?

I hope you don’t want to hear a “YES” just try it once if you didn’t try it yet or those who tried long back I request to check it back and see what its new interface offers to you.  Really thanking the site owner Patrick Sexton for bringing such a wonderful site. It already helped thousands and the number is still counting. Even getting a positive response from everywhere. So just give a try.


You made it…!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review about what is Varvy.com all about and I hope you really enjoyed and understood what it is.

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I would like to hear from you about your test experiences regarding it. Please let me know what you are thinking. Just comment below if you have anything to share.

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