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Is ZarFund A Scam Or A Best Bitcoin Making Scheme ? – Full Review

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Reviewing Topics At A Glance:

-> What Is Zarfund ? – All you should know before get started

-> Is It A Worth For Investments Or A Scam ? – See My Report

-> How Does It Work ?

-> Pros & Cons. – From My View Of Point.

-> Conclusion: Should we invest here ?

Okay, so we are hearing a lot about Zarfund nowadays. If you are new to this game, it is all about earning more Bitcoins by doing almost nothing. So, you heard two things from the above statements: Bitcoins and Earn with Zarfund. I know by now you must have had a hundred questions running through your mind, such as:

Is it a legit business?

Should I try it ?

Will I suffer any loss by becoming a Zarfund affiliate ?

Can anybody join here ?

Before we go into the details of reviewing the Zarfund, let us just brush up on our knowledge of what is it. This will help you get a clear picture about it and if it is a legit business or just another scam.

So, What is ZarFund.com ?A Person To Person Donation Scheme Using Bitcoin As A Payment Gateway !!!

Zarfund is an HYIP company that is growing exponentially before you can say ‘Cheese’. It involves cryptocurrency, that is, Bitcoins. It is a cash-gifting program wherein you help other members join in the program and raise funds to make a quick profit for investors. They call it the ‘Donation Sharing Platform’, Direct Funding Program, or Person to Person funding.

Anybody can join here and become a member. All you need is Bitcoins to become eligible for the scheme. Once you become a member, bring in your friends, family, and anyone you know to enter the matrix. This will help you earn more money. The members who join with you will work towards building their own matrix and in turn bringing more commission to you.

I checked into the background of the Zarfund company and hit a positive vibe. The site is South Africa based owned by Hannes Jordan and also the main hand behind the operation of the entire process. The domain name of the website was registered in the current year 2016. That is all you get to know about the website. Any other information provided to register the domain was done so under a lot of secrecy.

Yet, even though mystery surrounding the company, people are going crazy for Zarfund. Many prospective buyers and investors are ready to bet their money here. Investors in Bitcoin or those who have an interest in Bitcoin are ready to make more money online using this simple program.

Is Zarfund A Scam ?NO, Since The Site Is Live & Active !!!

It is based on person-to- person funding and donation, in other words, peer to peer business strategy. It is a program that will earn more when the company is young. A young company can stir up a frenzy among investors wherein all want to join and earn profits.

Their scheme has turned viral and many are keen to join the scheme. Members continue to pour in and the company is earning heavy profits in return. Zarfund basically has no product to sell, yet the company has people joining in as affiliates and earn profits for investors, buyers as well as sellers.

As there is no money from the outside coming in. The entire game is played on the money of the investors who currently exist on the affiliate program of Zarfund. None of the donors or sponsors money is handling by this company instead every money is rolling out in the form of Bitcoin using several Bitcoin wallets like BlockChain.info, Coinbase.com, etc…

Does It Turn Into A Scam Quickly ?

100% Not possible, why am so sure about this because all the transactions are happening between person to person and not like a person to system investment schemes like ReCyclix programs. Therefore, Zarfund never has your money nor it never takes. But still, there are certain kinds of stuff which we cannot predict at all, for instance, legal agencies shutting it down.

So, is it a scam ? Well, it is hard to say if it is a scam or not. As of now, people are investing and claiming to earn profits. It is just a simple cash gifting scheme and the money is just passed on from one investor to another. Once new investors cease to put in money, the tables may turn and the ball will stop rolling. Till then, the matrix will continue to grow and gather funds from the payments by investors.

How Does ZarFund Work ?

Coming to the most important aspect of the topic, how does it work ? As I mentioned earlier, the only way to make a payment on Zarfund is the use of Bitcoins. Let me break this down for you. An investor sends requests to its any existing member to join the program. One he accepts the invitation, he/she is eligible to receive donations from downlines, that is 6 levels deep every month.

Zarfund is basically a forced matrix to help you make money. The higher you go, the more you will earn. However, bear in mind it is a high-risk program. Think twice before you invest in such money making schemes.

For example, when one joins the program they need to upgrade to Level-1. They can do so by paying their up-line a certain amount every month. This means you need to donate a fixed amount every month. This will help you earn donations from your Level-1 down-lines.

After you upgrade to Level-2, you can receive donations from the Level-2 downlines, so on and so forth. There are 6 levels so you can continue to earn more donations from the down-liners.

Is zarfund s scam

Confused ?

Let me clear you this with a simple plan. In order to earn some money, you need to donate it to someone from your up-line. Now, to get started you need to have $17 or 0.03 Bitcoins. Every month, you need to make a payment of $17 and earn money in return. The monthly package according to each level are as follows:

♦ When you join Zarfund you will be in Level 1 requires you to pay/donate 0.03BTC per month to the affiliate/sponsor who recruits you. Initial donations have to be made within 24hrs or else your account will get auto-deleted. Once the payment has been done you become eligible to receive 0.03 BTC per month from 2 of your Level 1 referrals/downlines i.e in total 2*0.03 = 0.06 BTC.

is zarfund a scam review

LEVEL 1 PROFIT: 2*0.03BTC = 0.06(total what you received) – 0.05(BTC required you to pay) = 0.01BTC.

♦ If you are succeeded in bringing 2 of your downlines within a month then your total profit will be 0.06 which can be used to upgrade to Level 2 by paying/donating 0.05 BTC to your sponsor/affiliate and receive same from each of your 4 referrals/downlines  i.e (0.05*4 = 0.2BTC).

is zarfund a scam

LEVEL 2 PROFIT: 4*0.05BTC = 0.2(total what you received) – 0.1(BTC required you to pay) = 0.1BTC( from here onwards you will start to taste the real profit lol..).

♦ After receiving donations from your downlines/referrers now you upgrade to level 3 by donating/paying 0.1BTC($57) per month to your sponsor. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.1BTC($57) per month from your 8 level 3 referrals/downlines i.e (0.1*8 = 0.8BTC).

is zarfund a scam

LEVEL 3 PROFIT: 8*0.1BTC = 0.8(total what you received) – 0.2(BTC required you to pay) = 0.6BTC

♦ After receiving donations from your downlines/referrers now you upgrade to level 4 by donating/paying 0.2BTC($114) per month to your sponsor. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.2BTC($114) per month from your 16 level 4 referrals/downlines i.e (0.2*16 = 3.20BTC).

is zarfund a scam

LEVEL 4 PROFIT: 16*0.2BTC = 3.20(total what you received) – 1(BTC required you to pay) = 0.6BTC

♦ After receiving donations from your downlines/referrers now you upgrade to level 5 by donating/paying 1BTC($570) per month to your sponsor. And immediately you become eligible to receive 1BTC($570) per month from your 32 level 5 referrals/downlines i.e (1*32 = 32BTC).

is zarfund a scam

LEVEL 5 PROFIT: 32*1BTC = 32(total what you received) – 2(BTC required you to pay) = 30BTC

♦ After receiving donations from your downlines/referrers now you upgrade to level 6 by donating/paying 2 BTC($1140) per month to your sponsor. And immediately you become eligible to receive 2 BTC($1140) per month from your 64 level 6 referrals/downlines i.e (2*64 = 128 BTC).

is zarfund a scam

LEVEL 6 PROFIT: 64*2BTC = 128(total what you received) – 2(BTC required you to pay) = 126 BTC

In this 2 x 5 matrix system, there is an affiliate at the top with two positions directly under him/her. This forms the first level of the matrix. The second level is formed by dividing the two positions into another two positions. This brings us to the third level where the 4 positions formed are further divided into 8 positions. And the matrix is complete with a total of 64 positions.

Note: You don’t have to bring referrals to each level instead bring the first level 2 referrals/downlines and rest Zarfund’s auto spill over feature will work for you to assign each referral that are coming directly, indirectly and even through your downlines as well.

Each member will continue to donate voluntarily and receive donations monthly. An affiliate may have never met the person they are donating the money and receiving the money from. They will have zero knowledge about the use of the funds. Once the bottom line stops paying those above them, the scheme will collapse on its own.

So What Will I Earn ?

After paying level 6 donation which is of 2 BTC the below chart shows the maximum profit you can make thereafter each month – >

is zarfund a scam

Maximum Bitcoin you can earn per month is about 161.9 BTC which is equal to $92592 approx.

As I mentioned there are 6 levels of commission here that will help you earn beyond your dreams. However, you have to purchase each level to qualify for a bigger commission. Suppose you don’t buy a level and a person under you chooses to buy one, you end up losing on your commission. Thus, make sure you become active within 24 hours or else you will lose your spillover power.

You need to stay active in the entire process as these are monthly payments. By the time you reach the Level 6 you will earn a profit of 128 BTC per month.

Pros & Cons Of ZarFund From My Experience

Zarfund is too good to be true. Let us weigh the pros and cons of IT and see if it actually helps people earn money.


  •  An easy way to make money.
  • Can work from anywhere any system at free of cost.
  • No Registration fee or no admin fee.
  • The support team is very active.
  • Involves Bitcoins.
  • Earn donations every month.


  •  It is an HYIP.
  • Not all are willing to donate the amount.
  • Lack of guarantee.
  • Impossible to last.

Conclusion: Should We Invest Here Or Stay Away ?

The bottom line is playing the game at your own risk. Investing in Zarfund is very tempting at the moment. However, you never know when the funds stop and you end up losing more than you earned. And, when the money is played in terms of Bitcoins, recovery is next to impossible. Worse, you don’t even know who to catch hold of to get back your money.

At present, there is no hope of complete collapse of the scheme and you can continue to reap benefits as long as things are bright and shiny. If you are convinced about the working of this scheme, you can join and earn profits. Or else, it is better to stay away and wait for the cookie to crumble.

Is It Worth Of Joining ?

Well, the decision is yours. Am already earned what I invested (see the proof below) , yes just 18$ what I donated and received back within 48hrs when my referrers did the same as I showed as a payment proof earlier.

is zarfund a scam

Those who work hard here they will earn. I explained each and everything and I hope you understood is Zarfund a scam or a golden opportunity to earn.

Take decisions wisely !!!…

Those who find it is a legit opportunity can join using the link below which directly sends you to the main page of Zarfund.

is zarfund a scam review signup

Note: You should upgrade by donating $18 or 0.03BTC within 24hrs or else your account will get deleted automatically by their system in order to avoid spams and inactive accounts.


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28 thoughts on “Is ZarFund A Scam Or A Best Bitcoin Making Scheme ? – Full Review

  1. Hani says:

    This is the most amusing review I read about ZarFund

    Thank you so much for the awesome work

    Quick question .. !!
    I need to join .. pay my first 0.03 btc
    invite 2 friends then upgrade to level 2
    then upgrade to level 3 and so on till level 6 .. !!
    and I will pay my monthly donations in every level . . .

    is this even possible .. I am sure this question
    crossed your mind too so tell me …… ??

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Hani

      Yes, as you said. Only the first donation you have to pay from your pocket and rest it depends on how you build your team. Hope it helps you.

      Thank you

  2. Chisom says:

    Great review. I am already a member and heading to level 4. However my question is how do i cash my bitcoins into actual cash when i get to level 6?

    1. Arjun T.U says:


      If you own an e-currency account such as Perfectmoney, Webmoney, Paypal or even use Western Union you can use exchanges such as Exchangebulk.com to convert your bitcoins to your e-currency account and then from there withdraw them to your bank! It’s usually instant and does not require any form of identification or verification so should be painless!
      Hope It Helped.

  3. Hammed says:

    Can you help with downlines after I register?

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Ya sure. You can contact upline sponsor. Am providing his link here. You can anytime contact him and join under him. You can ask me as well if incase you got stuck somewhere.
      FB link: https://www.facebook.com/navneet.worldwidetrainer

  4. zu says:

    Join our Zarfund team with free spillover team members
    Link in my nick

  5. David says:

    The problem I have with bit coin is ,have you seen anyone that traded his/her bit coin for actual money. If you have pls let me know , I need prove to know the authenticity of cryptocurrency. Also when I join zarfund, can I cash out at any level, must it be at level 6

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Yes, there are many platforms who trades for bitcoin and send money to your bank accounts within 7 business days. But it all depends on where you live. There is no minimum withdrawal limit since the bitcoins what you gonna receive will directly to your bitcoin wallet, It’s not going to the ZarFund account or admin account. Whatever donations you are getting that will be your’s.
      Thanks for reading my article and hope it helps.

  6. Karlo says:

    Very interesting article. I have never heard about Zarfund. It seems like an interesting scheme where you need to recruit refferals. It is interesting but I don’t know how hard it is to get refferals. Can you explain to me?
    Thanks a lot for your time.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Karlo,

      According to me its not at all hard to find first two people. If you are able to convince them through direct communication or by a blog post can bring referrals with no time. Even if you are not able to find there are many teams actively available inside their community page in Facebook. You can post their with your requirements.

      Hope it helped you.

      Thank you

  7. Glen says:

    Zarfund sounds like program where a member hopes to get paid. In the past, most gifting arrangements were considered ponzi schemes and, therefore, illegal. Obviously, no product is being exchanged. So profitability is dependent upon how early a member joins. The last members will be left holding the bag when it all fails.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Yes, exactly!!!. ZarFund is a great opportunity only for early birds but it won’t be having any value in long run hopefully. Let’s see what gonna happen.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.


  8. Jonathan says:

    Hey there..

    Thank you with the information. There are many of my friend who are taking part in this program. I have tried to tell them that this is a scam but they refused to take head.

    Its true that such a program will collapse like many similar programs that thrive of recruiting people. This is not a business. Zarfund does not sale any products so it will not sustain for along time.

    It is regrettable that such scam programs prefer to use Bitcoins so that their scamming schemes are not controlled by authorities

  9. Soulman says:

    JOIN OUR FAST GROWING ACHIEVERS GROUP. #https://www.zarfund.com/ref/f3173f13af/register#
    Nb:By joining our group, we promise to offer you the following benefits.
    1. Easy registration.
    6. With our group teamwork you GROW to the TOP LEVEL in just few WEEKS.
    7. Mind you nobody is going ask you to any amount for anything. Or asked you account details.
    8. All we do for you, is to guide u, give u the necessary information, and HELP YOU TO FIND YOURS REFERRAL.
    For more info… And after your registration, Join this WhatsApp group. #https://chat.whatsapp.com/H0uTECrapOA6vvnbaIUkmH# or call: 08068747570, 07065353663. Welcome to Millionaires Club

  10. Michel says:

    I would be scared to join Zarfund, as so many of these types of businesses only last a couple of months and then fizzle out. It normally fizzles from the bottom up so you start finding that your commissions start going down.

    Like you, my passion is also blogging, and to join any other businesses will just be taking time away from what I know will end up paying better.

    1. Arjun T.U says:

      Hi Michel,

      Very good approach. Keep Blogging !!!

      Hope you enjoyed the review of Zarfund.



  11. Donavon says:

    Hi friend here is another site same as zarfund called BTCinvestments

    It works in the exact same way, Its just easier getting people involved.
    because of the small donation fees of only 0.002btc.
    This system is new and growing at a rapid pace.. 12000 register donations in the first week
    So best is to get in as soon as possible to benefit from all the spill overs.

    I’m earning alot from Zarfund premoting as much as I can, but I think in the
    long run this site will out grow Zarfund.

    Check it out here: #http://www.btcinvestments.co.za/ref/7c15a44ad2

    Hoping to see you there and lets make some cash.

    Kind regards

  12. zaheer ahmad says:

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    24 hours helping you

  13. rotaj says:

    Believe you me, this is a very exciting and profitable system. I joined just a few days ago and I’ve started earning. This is just amazing. I have upgraded 3 times within this period. This is a programme I will recommend to anybody who wants to make it online.

    Join this fast moving train at: #https://www.zarfund.com/ref/7b1ebe6a0f

  14. Gaurav Goel says:

    Hi Arjun…I wanna give it a start. But somehow still not able to understand the whole concept of receiving donations. I mean at level-1, when i am getting joined two direct referrals then at level -2, why 4 people will donate me and the same case for rest of the above levels. I don’t know what i am missing in this concept. If you have got my problem then kindly help me to rectify this issue and lets have a start. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gaurav

      Hope you lost somewhere while reading my review about Zarfund. In the above article, it’s clearly mentioned that it is based on referrals. They are not directly paying you instead those 4 whom sending you the donations are your referral’s referral whom you made join under you in order to get upgraded to Level 2. Hope it clear now. If anything still missing from my side then please let me know.



  15. Aatish says:

    How many exact members do we need to complete zarfund level6

    1. Hi

      An exact number even I have no idea but still, you need millions of members under you in order to complete level 6. It is not impossible to get there but hard work and patience really required.

    2. eben says:

      join our team, we are amongst one of the fastest growing teams.


  16. eben says:

    Anyone who’s finding trouble understanding or getting downline’s should register with this referral link and my team and I would help.


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